Don’t Get Left Behind: Navigating the 2023 Data Security Frontier

Veritas Perspectives April 13, 2023

Cyber-Attack Risks

The cyber-attack risks companies face today is a global epidemic. Ransomware is topping the list of these threats. Companies must protect themselves against disaster. Too often in the past, backup and recovery services were sold on speeds and feeds: knee jerk reactions. But more recently, enterprise companies are being pushed to accelerate digital transformation and increase cloud capacities while asking the question: what have they been missing this whole time?

Total prevention of a cyber-attack is impossible. Organizations are exposed to attacks and breaches everyday which is why high-quality response is essential."

Tackling ransomware is a multi-faceted issue. We cannot merely rely on backup and recovery solutions: instead, a holistic approach encompassing the entire network must be adopted. At Veritas, we’ve come up with our 6 foundations to cyber resiliency to address it: not just as a backup and recovery matter but across the entire domain. Identifying malware and protecting backup infrastructure is a priority. Veritas offers an essential line of defense against this growing menace. So, what can a company do? Arm themselves with the Veritas Six Foundations for the best chance of success.

Security Optimization

In order to ensure optimum security, it is essential to have a knowledgeable workforce and incorporate the most current technologies that global government bodies are recommending. Don’t overlook the importance of the 3-2-1 rule: three copies of your data on two difference storage media and keeping one of those copies off site or in another location — and with Veritas that additional step of making sure your copy is immutable to be 3-2-1+1. 

Defense in depth is still an essential tactic against ransomware and malware but unfortunately a lot of customers still find themselves dealing with these threats despite their best efforts. Security professionals today do a remarkable job deflecting intruders, but we need to take extra precautions to minimize the damage when something does get through. 

Network segmentation is a way to ensure the golden copy of data stays secure as well as utilizing more advanced technologies and introducing recurrent scans for malware. Ransomware can be daunting but there are steps you can take to reduce its impact and make sure that recovery on a large scale is possible. We help protect some of the largest companies across many industries allowing them to bounce back swiftly if disaster strikes.

It goes without saying: companies must take active measures to fend off attacks and respond quickly and appropriately. With tens of thousands of virtual machines and servers situated in complex infrastructures, seeking out the right recovery technology for our customers’ data can be intimidating. But at Veritas, we don’t see this as a problem; instead, it’s a chance to prove how much we care about fulfilling their needs. By offering different types of recovery like bulk restores, bare metal restores and more — we deliver on the promise of dependable, effective data recovery.

Gaining visibility of all your IT assets is key to ensure that you not only back up the right things but also protect them with the right security measures. There is a lot of shadow IT systems, and it is problematic. It means one may not be properly backing up or protecting those assets. Without shedding light on this ‘shadow IT’, there is a good chance data is not properly protected. About 35% of data remains unaccounted for and it’s a daunting problem to address.

Ransomware is a particularly insidious form of malware and will always find the weak points and is constantly evolving. It is vital that organizations become transparent and proactive about their data to protect themselves against malicious invaders. Companies cannot ignore the importance of organization and integration when it comes to cyber resiliency. Bad actors are becoming more organized and creative with their treats which can wreak havoc. A company’s risk can be reduced if they can move quickly, decisively, and constantly reviewing and optimizing their cyber resiliency plans. A unified front is necessary to combat this increasingly sophisticated digital warfare.

Modern-Day Cyber Resiliency

Earlier this month I was able to have a fascinating conversation with Sally Eaves, Chief Technology Officer, professor, strategic advisor, as well as host of Tomorrow’s Tech Today podcast. We spoke about the scope and scale of modern-day data protection, ransomware, cybersecurity threats, and how to counter them in a holistic manner utilizing smart strategies. Undoubtedly, businesses must tackle the cloud wisely to guarantee an effective defense against this increasingly prevalent danger.

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Doward Wilkinson
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