Celebrating Two Seasons of Veritas L!VE

Veritas Perspectives June 29, 2023

It’s time to celebrate a milestone. We’ve completed our second season of Veritas L!VE. What does that mean? We’re launching our third season! 

What is Veritas L!VE, you might ask? Every three weeks, I bring together experts from across industries to discuss a plethora of relevant topics. Our goal is to enter important and thoughtful discussions, covering everything from the present and future state of our industry to data strategy, security, resiliency, and other sustainable growth strategies for your data needs in the cloud, on-premises and at the edge.  
Before we kick off our third season, I wanted to highlight some of our favorite episodes from Season 2.  


Healthcare Technology Evolution and the Rise of Cyber Attacks


Richard Staynings Chief Security Strategist, Cylera

Tim Burlowski, Cyber Resiliency Lead, Veritas

As the healthcare industry evolves, it has never been more crucial to have a robust cyber-resiliency strategy. In this episode, Richard Staynings and Tim Burlowski openly discussed the challenges of protecting patient information and services. I asked what tactics healthcare organizations should organizations adopt to better recover in the event of a cyber-attack. Tim’s input was “Practice, practice, practice. You don’t want to learn on the job how to recover a large-scale environment. I always encourage customers to have a good map of where all their data is.” Richard shared insightful tips on planning and preparation. Watch now to get the full story.


Increasing Diversity in Tech


Rayvn Manuel, Smithsonian Institute

Heather Hurford, Engineering Operations Manager and DEIB Advocate

Soniya Bopache, VP of Engineering, Veritas

We had an insightful conversation about increasing diversity in the tech sector. Here’s a staggering number: 131 years. According to a new report by the World Economic Forum, it will take 131 years for women to attain gender parity with men. That is a hard-hitting statistic, so we assembled an all-female panel to explore the current state of diversity in the tech industry. Spoiler alert, there is still lots of work to do.

This episode was incredibly informative, not just in the perception of how to define diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) but also in how we need to quantify it with a possible negative impact on the spirit of the concept. Measuring success around DEI “ultimately requires a long-term commitment, sustained effort, and a willingness to assess and improve the practices around this framework continuously,” according to Soniya. Check out this episode to better understand the motivations and practices of DEI within the technology industry. (As a special treat, discover who proclaims that “Pink is not just a color, it’s an attitude!”)


Protecting Kubernetes Workloads in the Cloud

Doward Wilkinson, Sr. Principal Product Manager at Veritas, joined me for an engaging chat that covered several generations of technology. We even went back to handwritten paper tickets. Doward started the show with a question, “What makes Kubernetes different than traditional workloads? And how does this impact a cyber resiliency strategy for backing up these workloads?” Doward dived into the importance of the elasticity needed in cloud environments today with fascinating insights into how K8s solves much of the complexity. Watch to find out more.  


On Tap for Season 3

We plan to tackle more exciting top-of-mind topics, including:

  • Cyber resiliency, now a team sport
  • The data repatriation trend
  • Protect Kubernetes in the face of increased cyber threats

We also promise to tackle some of the difficult questions around data privacy, rights, ethical data storage, legalities, unbiased technologies, PII, and sustainability from an environmental and sustainable business perspective.

And we’ll look the top trends, including the growth and evolution of intelligent automation and autonomous data protection that will save time and resources and prioritize the quality of life for employees. A trend that will not only help attract more talent for companies but build a better business for tomorrow.

We have lots to cover! We will continue to evolve our engagement model with you with new polls and increased opportunities to connect with our experts during the show. We love audience participation!

If you ever miss an episode, catch up on our YouTube Playlist. We welcome questions and ideas for future episodes, so please share below or comment during our next episode with your recommendations.

Remember, stay secure and backup often!

Demetrius Malbrough
Cloud Advocate
Veritas Tech Channel