Better Together: Enhancing Data Protection with Veritas and Securonix


When it comes to cyber resilience, staying ahead of evolving threats is paramount. Cyber resilience consists of cyber security and cyber recovery to withstand and recover from malicious attacks. And threat actors are escalating their targeting of data protection platforms, trying to encrypt or destroy backup data, and disabling protection policies and jobs. Without the ability to recover from ransomware or other destructive attacks, organizations are at the mercy of threat actors to pay ransoms or extortions.

The Veritas data protection platform is relied on by thousands of organizations to ensure that their recovery data has integrity, availability, and recoverability. However, as the threat landscape grows increasingly sophisticated, it is imperative to bolster traditional defenses with more intelligent features that can sense subtle differences in user activity that may indicate an actual threat or attack. This is where the partnership between Veritas and Securonix comes into play, further ensuring the security and resilience of recovery data.

Detecting User Threats:

At the heart of the Securonix and Veritas solution is the ability to detect and respond to user threats effectively. The most common type of attack is an advanced persistent threat (APT).  APT attacks attempt to exploit privileged user accounts to gain additional access and pose a challenge for detection through conventional analytics. The best method of detection is behavioral profiling and analysis which has been proven effective in identifying anomalies in account logins, data access, and other parameters associated with compromised accounts. User threats will become increasingly difficult to detect as AI helps threat actors devise more elusive social engineering tactics.

Securonix, renowned for its User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), complements the Veritas ecosystem by offering granular insights into user behavior within the NetBackup™ data protection environment. By leveraging Securonix's AI-powered detection capabilities, security operations gain the upper hand in identifying suspicious activities indicative of account compromise, insider threats, or privileged account misuse.

Mark Stevens, Global Vice President of Channels and Alliances at Securonix, underscores the urgency of addressing AI-driven credential abuse attacks. “Through this partnership, Veritas customers gain access to early warnings of potential threats, empowering them to preemptively fortify their protection measures before falling victim to cyber adversaries.”

Defense Against Malicious Insiders:

Data protection is not just about safeguarding against external threats; it is also about fortifying defenses from within. Users and administrators play pivotal roles in upholding data protection policies and ensuring the efficacy of disaster recovery measures. By monitoring user actions and patterns within the NetBackup™ environment, organizations can proactively identify deviations that might compromise backup data integrity or availability.

The Veritas-Securonix Solutions: 

Together, Veritas and Securonix deliver a comprehensive solution that bolsters the security and reliability of Veritas data protection solutions. By continuously monitoring user activities and promptly responding to anomalies, organizations can amplify the security of their data repositories and ensure they are ready for seamless recovery operations. This proactive approach helps mitigate risk and empowers analysts, IT professionals, and security teams to maintain cyber resilience to effectively respond to the growing sophistication and frequency of social engineering-based attacks.

A Complete Picture:

The secret to effective insider threat detection and protection is to build a narrative based on user behavior across multiple systems to better understand their intent and what a user could be doing. And that feeds the Securonix insider threat models that provide a clear picture of malicious behavior patterns. By combing data from 100’s of productions systems with data from Veritas, organizations get the complete story, a narrative on what’s really happening across the enterprise. With Securonix and Veritas organizations get a comprehensive view of user threats and score them based on millions of events per second. 

Key Features:

  • Veritas NetBackup: This enterprise-grade solution combines data management, automation, AI, and elastic architecture to optimize agility and security across hybrid cloud environments. With an unparalleled capacity to manage vast amounts of data, NetBackup stands as a cornerstone of data protection.
  • Securonix UEBA: Using advanced machine learning and behavior analytics, Securonix UEBA empowers organizations to detect unknown and insider threats effectively. By tracking anomalous user behavior and suspicious lateral movements, Securonix enables proactive threat detection and mitigation.

Benefits for Our Customers:

  • Zero-trust data protection platform: Veritas ensures tightly controlled access and continuous authentication, bolstering security measures.
  • Data immutability: Veritas tamperproof backup data guarantees the integrity and authenticity of stored information.
  • Threat detection: Veritas provides early identification of ransomware threats and malicious activities by proactively scanning the backup data for malware and anomalies.
  • Isolated recovery environment (IRE): By limiting the risk of re-contamination, Veritas facilitates reliable data recovery operations.
  • Advanced machine learning and behavior analytics: Securonix reduces false positives and provides a comprehensive understanding of user and entity threats.
  • Pre-built analytics and threat models: Securonix enables efficient anomaly detection and threat identification, aligning with industry frameworks for enhanced security.

In Conclusion:

In a landscape fraught with cyber threats, the collaboration of cyber recovery and cyber security is key to staying ahead of adversaries. The partnership between Veritas and Securonix exemplifies this reality, offering organizations a formidable defense against evolving user threats. By harnessing the power of advanced analytics, AI-driven detection, and proactive monitoring, Veritas customers can navigate the complexities of data protection with confidence, ensuring the resilience and integrity of their digital assets. Together, they prove that when it comes to safeguarding data, Securonix and Veritas are indeed better together.

For more information catch our on-demand technical session with Chris Ford, Senior Channel Sales Engineer at Securonix.

Robert Shields
Sr Principal PMM