What is Veritas announcing?

Veritas has acquired APTARE, a global leader in analytic solutions for on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.

Why is Veritas acquiring APTARE?
The acquisition of APTARE is part of a balanced approach to move our portfolio forward through both organic and inorganic growth. Veritas continues to innovate and develop solutions internally while also looking for opportunities with existing technologies that accelerate our vision.
What products does APTARE offer?

APTARE offers analytic and reporting solutions for heterogeneous IT infrastructures. Customers rely on APTARE IT AnalyticsTM platform for deep analytics and interconnected insights across their entire data centers. APTARE IT Analytics consists of Storage Management Suite, Backup Manager, Capacity Manager, Fabric Manager, File Analytics, Replication Manager and Virtualization Manager. These support backup and storage systems, and technologies such as software-defined storage, Flash, and hybrid infrastructures.

What products does Veritas offer?
Veritas offers industry-leading products for multi-cloud data management, backup and recovery, business continuity, software-defined storage, and information governance.
Where are the synergies between Veritas’ and APTARE's product offerings?

Veritas currently offers reporting for its data management solutions across data protection, storage management, information governance, and business resiliency. The APTARE technology fits well with existing Veritas reporting capabilities and enables Veritas to provide full-stack insights, analytics, and reporting for our data protection products including Veritas NetBackupTM, Veritas Backup ExecTM, and Veritas InfoScaleTM. This combination will provide customers with tracking and trending, real-time dashboards, future forecasting, and predictive analysis of their enterprise data protection environments.

Will you keep the APTARE brand?

For now, there is no change in the APTARE product or brand. In the short-term, organizations using APTARE IT Analytics will continue to see the APTARE brand along with Veritas as we progress our integration plans.

What does this mean to Veritas customers?
Veritas’s acquisition of APTARE will have no impact to Veritas customers using Veritas OpsCenter and OpsCenter Analytics. In the long-term, the acquisition of APTARE will strengthen Veritas’ reporting and analytics portfolio, benefiting customers who rely on us to help provide single-pane-of-glass insights that empower them to optimize their infrastructure and data center investments.
Is my account team changing? Who should I contact for sales-related questions?
Unless advised otherwise, please continue to work with your existing APTARE account team.
Will any sales contact information be changing?
No contact information is changing immediately. Please continue to work with your existing APTARE account team. Email addresses for APTARE sales representatives will ultimately change to Veritas email addresses, however your sales representative will advise you of any changes.
Will Veritas continue to offer APTARE's products as standalone products?
There will be no immediate change to APTARE or Veritas branded products.
Will I need to sign a new contract?
Not at this time. Please continue to order APTARE products as you always have while we work on our operational integration. Veritas will advise of any changes in advance.
Will I be able to consolidate my Veritas and APTARE contracts into a single contract?
Our goal is to provide a unified purchasing experience from Veritas. As an existing Veritas customer, you can purchase Veritas solutions under your current Veritas buying contracts or programs. Once the APTARE solutions are available on the Veritas price list, legacy APTARE contracts will no longer be necessary for go-forward purchasing and renewals.
Will I be able to purchase Veritas and APTARE solutions on a single purchase order?
It is our goal to provide a unified purchasing experience from Veritas in the future. For now, you should continue to purchase APTARE products from APTARE as you always have. We will advise of any other updates to purchasing in advance.
Will there be a change in APTARE's pricing?
We will advise of any changes to price in advance. We will be focused on simplification in the short-term.
How is the renewal process changing after the acquisition?
For now, you should continue working with your existing APTARE account teams or channel partner for renewals. Renewals will eventually be aligned with the Veritas renewals process and we will advise of any changes in advance.
Will there be a change in APTARE's contacts or services for customer support or technical support?
Please continue to use existing APTARE support and customer care contacts and processes as you always have. We will advise of any changes in advance.
Will Veritas continue support for third-party connectors for APTARE solutions?
Yes, Veritas is fully committed to continuing to support third-party connectors for APTARE solutions – this was a key part of our acquisition strategy. As part of Veritas, APTARE will continue to provide the best reporting and analytics, independent of what technology is being used, as the core data protection solution. The core strength of the APTARE IT Analytics platform is the depth and breadth of reporting and analytics that it provides across all technologies that corporations use for their data protection, storage, and cloud environments. This single pane-of-glass approach is our competitive advantage over point solutions that sit on top of single backup technologies.
Who do I contact for more information about this acquisition?
For more information about this acquisition please visit our website . You can also reach out to the sales representative associated with your account.