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The Veritas Flex appliance combines the capabilities and broad workload support of NetBackup data protection software with the versatility and deployment speed of container technology.

Today organizations need to support multiple departments and business units, each with their own data unique protection requirements, creating a sprawl of data protection deployments that are complex to manage and time consuming to set up and support.

In this webcast we will discuss how to realize the efficiencies of a service provider model with the Flex Appliance and demonstrate how to protect new workloads in less than 5 minutes.  We’ll illustrate how to consolidate multiple domains, connect to multiple clouds, and easily migrate to new software releases—simplifying data protection management while reducing overall costs.

Presenter Bios:

Roger Stein, Product Marketing Manager at Veritas. 

  • Roger works on NetBackup and Flex Appliances focusing on simplifying Data Protection deployment and infrastructure.

Chris Sparks, Senior Product Manager at Veritas 

  • Chris, the Flex-able product manager at Veritas, started working in data protection with the US Navy and later at Hollywood Entertainment. He has been working with Veritas for 9 years and currently is the driving force behind the new Veritas Flex Appliance.