Data Illumination, Compliance & Classification

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Join us for a short webcast and let Veritas illuminate your dark data. We’ll show how quickly you can find, filter and act on the redundant, obsolete or sensitive data hiding across your enterprise. We can help you make smart decisions about protection, restrict access or take authoritative action to finally clean up your information. In this ever-changing market, the ability to extract cost, risk and complexity is paramount.

In this webcast you’ll learn how to:

  • Classify all your unstructured data, including PII, HIPAA and PHI.
  • Uncover dark data that hasn’t been protected.
  • Define real, de facto owners of your information.
  • Eliminate the estimated 34 percent of your data that is redundant, old or trivial and reclaim your data center space.
  • Visualize all your data locations, types and of the repository (up to 30 cloud providers) from a single pane of glass.



    Virgil Holmes
    Veritas Sales Engineer

    Chuck Swanger
    Veritas Sales Engineer