Creating Application Resiliency with Resiliency Platform and InfoScale

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When uptime is essential for servicing markets and maintaining brand loyalty, organizations are looking for proven technologies that are simple to implement, manage and expand with changing workloads. Using Veritas applications’ “smart” disaster recovery (DR) and business resiliency with existing applications, databases and data movers will drive down cost while offering the advantages of a single orchestration platform.

Veritas Resiliency Platform works with your existing environment without adding complexity and typically eliminates the need for at least five tools for huge cost savings.

Join us to learn how you can:

  • Drive down recovery point objectives (RPOs) and limit human error by automating runbooks and orchestration for DR.
  • Orchestrate all application workloads regardless of their location and ensure availability across physical, virtual and cloud environments with a unified management console.
  • Ensure availability of your applications across any distance with fully automated, non-disruptive DR testing rehearsals.
  • Leverage machine learning and advanced failover logic to ensure application workloads are always available, no matter the situation or disaster.



    Janet Doherty
    Veritas Sales Engineer

    Joe D'Angelo
    Americas Practice Lead for SDS