Data-Driven Insights on Your Journey to the Cloud

洞察 力 April 21, 2021

APTARE IT Analytics provides visibility into cloud resource consumption and awareness of which assets are effectively optimized and protected in a public cloud environment. APTARE collects data from multicloud environments including AWS, Azure, IBM, and Google clouds as well as on-premises infrastructure to provide a unified view across your entire infrastructure.

Watch the APTARE Cloud Demo to learn more about how APTARE can help you analyze your existing on-prem environment and look at each instance if you were to move to a cloud environment. Understand your exact costs and right-size your environment to fit your needs.

APTARE enables you to:

  • Provide data-driven insights into what workloads should be moved to public clouds and what workloads are more cost-effective to remain on-prem.
  • Take control of your on-prem and cloud IT expenses by optimizing the use of these environments.
  • Mitigate risk by providing a single source of record for all protected and unprotected datasets both on-prem and cloud and aligned with business units, CMDBs  and RTOs/RPOs.
  • Provide a centralized system to deliver cost accountability and chargebackup/showback/shameback for both on-prem and cloud workloads.

Learn more about the journey to the cloud with APTARE at

Pamela Kerman
Senior Manager, Product Marketing
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