Enterprise Vault™ Setting up IMAP

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Product(s): Enterprise Vault (12.3)

Using the IMAP settings page

When you click the user name or archive name of a user in the Users tab of the IMAP dashboard, Enterprise Vault launches the IMAP settings page in your default browser.

The URL for the IMAP settings take the format:


Where ev_server is an Enterprise Vault server, and user_SID is the security identifier (SID) of the user you clicked. If you know the SID for the user whose details you want to see, you can open the URL directly in your browser. End users who are logged in with a Windows account that is enabled for IMAP access, can also open the page without specifying the sid parameter.

The IMAP settings page lists all the IMAP settings the user requires to configure their IMAP client to access their archive.

The user name for the default IMAP archive consists of a domain name and a Windows user name. For example:


The user name for this archive can optionally include an identifier, as explained in the footnote below the settings. Other archives that the user can access require the user name to include the identifier. For example:



If you have already configured an IMAP client, such as Outlook, to access the default archive, and the user name includes an identifier, you do not need to change the configuration.