Enterprise Vault™ Setting up IMAP

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Product(s): Enterprise Vault (12.3)

Defining Exchange mailbox IMAP provisioning groups

Exchange IMAP provisioning groups let you provision users who are already enabled for Enterprise Vault Exchange archiving, to give them IMAP access to their Exchange archives.

When Exchange users have been enabled for IMAP access, they can access all the items in their Exchange archives from any IMAP client. Users can search their archives, and archive new items from any mail account that is configured on their IMAP client, either manually or using rules on the client. This includes items from their Exchange mailbox if it is accessible on the IMAP client.

To define an Exchange mailbox IMAP provisioning group

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand your Enterprise Vault site.
  2. Expand the Client Access container, then the IMAP and Provisioning Groups containers.
  3. Under Provisioning Groups, right-click Exchange Mailbox, and click New > Provisioning Group.

    The New Exchange Mailbox IMAP Provisioning Group wizard appears.

  4. Work through the wizard to create the new provisioning group. The wizard prompts you to provide the following information:

    • A name for the provisioning group.

    • Whether or not the users who are provisioned by this group are enabled for IMAP, and the IMAP policy that is applied to them if they are enabled. Note that you can also create a new IMAP policy from within the wizard if a suitable policy does not exist already.

    • The individual users and user groups who will be provisioned by this group.

    • The Enterprise Vault server that will host the client access provisioning task for the domain whose users and groups you are provisioning. You need to do this only if a client access provisioning task does not already exist for the domain.