Enterprise Vault™ Setting up IMAP

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Product(s): Enterprise Vault (12.3)

Using Get-EVIMAPUsers

Get-EVIMAPUsers lists the users who are provisioned and enabled for IMAP access. Use the following syntax when you run Get-EVIMAPUsers:

Get-EVIMAPUsers -ArchiveName -NTUserName [<CommonParameters>]

For example:


This lists all the users in the Enterprise Vault site who are provisioned and enabled for IMAP access. You can also use Get-EVIMAPUsers to display details for an individual user, by specifying an archive name with the -ArchiveName parameter, or a Windows user with the -NTUserName parameter. For example:

Get-EVIMAPUsers -NTUserName JohnDoe

Here is an example of the output from Get-EVIMAPUsers:

MbxArchiveName : JohnDoe
MbxNTDomain    : EMEA
MbxNTUser      : JohnDoe
SID            : S-1-5-21-1295326745-1955594489-3830948510-1117
EnabledForIMAP : True
ReadyForIMAP   : True
Type           : Internet Mail

You can use the SID (security identifier) with Get-EVIMAPUserSettings, to display IMAP and SMTP connection settings for a user.

Note also the ReadyForIMAP value. When you provision and enable an Exchange user for IMAP access, their existing Exchange archive must be MDS-enabled. Provisioning automatically creates an indexing subtask to enable the archive, and this subtask is processed the next time the index administration task runs. Until this subtask is processed, the ReadyForIMAP value that is listed by Get-EVIMAPUsers is False.

Internet mail archives are automatically MDS-enabled when they are created, and always have a ReadyForIMAP value of True.