Enterprise Vault™ Setting up IMAP

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Product(s): Enterprise Vault (12.3)

Using the IMAP notification message editor

Enterprise Vault provides an editor to help you to display and to edit the IMAP notification message. The editor is a standalone executable file called IMAPNotificationEmailViewer.exe, which is installed in the Enterprise Vault program folder (for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault).

The editor lets you:

  • Display a preview of the IMAP notification message.

  • Validate the contents of the email to ensure it meets the requirements of the client access provisioning task, which sends the IMAP notification messages to users.

  • Make basic changes to the message to suit your own requirements.

When you run the editor for the first time, if you have not already placed one of the language templates in the Enterprise Vault program folder, it prompts you to choose a template from one of the folders in Enterprise Vault\Languages\Mailbox Messages. Otherwise, the editor displays the copy of IMAPEnabled.html that you have already placed in the Enterprise Vault program folder.

The editor has two panes:

  • The editor pane, in which you can edit the notification message.

  • The preview pane, which immediately displays the results of any changes you make in the editor pane.

    Note that the preview pane continues to display your changes as long as the message is valid. Otherwise, it displays any errors it encounters.

IMAPEnabled.html contains two types of special tag, which the editor displays in different colors to help you identify them:

  • Conditional text tags, which the editor displays in red text.

  • Placeholder tags, which the editor displays in blue text.

You can change the value attribute in the red conditional tasks. For example, the ID_SUBJECT tag contains the subject of the notification email:

<INPUT id="ID_SUBJECT" type="hidden" value="Your Enterprise Vault archive is now accessible from any IMAP enabled device" />

If you wish, you can change "Your Enterprise Vault archive is now accessible from any IMAP enabled device" to a different value. However, you must not remove any of these tags.

Enterprise Vault uses the blue placeholder tags to insert into the IMAP notification message, values that are specific to each user. Although you must not change these blue tags, you may choose not to use them all in your IMAP notification message, so you may remove some of them if you wish.

If you do remove one or more of these placeholder tags, the editor warns that they are missing when you try to save the template. In this case, you should check that you have deliberately omitted the tags shown before you proceed and save the template.

The notification message shows the settings for the default IMAP archive, and for any other archives that the user can access. By default, the user name for the default IMAP archive comprises a domain name and a Windows user name that are separated by a backslash. For example:


The user names for the remaining archives consist of a domain name, a Windows user name and an identifier. For example:


To show or hide the identifier in the user name for the default IMAP archive, click Non Default UN or Default UN. This is a preview feature, and does not actually change the format of the user name in the email received by an end user.