APTARE IT Analytics Release Notes

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Product(s): APTARE IT Analytics (10.4)
Platform: APTARE IT Analytics

10.4.00P3 Patch Release Notes

The 10.400P3 release includes all patch fixes up to and including 10.3.00P13. The following software changes are included in this release.

Backup Manager Enhancements and Resolved Issues


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Resolves an issue by preventing the probes Veritas NetBackup Job Details and Client Details from being stopped even if they take an extended time to complete.

Capacity Manager Enhancements and Resolved Issues


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Optimizes IBM SVC Array Performance collection by replacing the generic CIM API with IBM specific CIMOM APIs: IBMTSSVC_Cluster, IBMTSSVC_PerformanceStatisticsCollection, and IBMTSSVC_StorageVolumeStatistics.


Optimizes IBM SVC Array Details collection. The IBMTSSVC_SystemVolumeController CIMOM API has been replaced with CLI ' 'lshostvdiskmap -delim ,'. The data for access_priority, access_state and device_access is no longer available in the aps_v_svc_map_host_svol view because it is not available through the CLI.


Resolves an issue with EMC VPLEX data persistence for a management ethernet port by updating a database table column to store multiple comma separated addresses.


This fix resolves the following Dell EMC ECS collection issues:

  • Array Details failure due to one of the ECS Buckets.

  • A data loss in SDK_V_DECS_ECSSTG_ARY_STATS view (captured as part of Array Performance probe).

Data Collector Enhancements and Resolved Issues


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This enhancement:

  • Reduced CPU performance on the Portal while executing the EMC Avamar Static Data probe

  • Reduced runtime of the EMC Avamar Static Data probe.

Other data collection subsystems may also see reduced portal CPU and probe runtime as a consequence of this fix.

SC- 24408

This enhancement resolves issues that were causing failures when redeploying APTARE SDK-based data collectors during upgrades and standalone deployments. Failure symptoms were displayed as ORA errors.


The raid level in the volume group for Veritas appliance collection now also supports string data type. Previously, only an integer was supported.

Portal Enhancements and Resolved Issues


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SC- 25536

This enhancement enables an additional level of filtering for the scope of reports. A new checkbox is added to the Report Scope Selector dialog, Filter by Common Attributes. For example, if you select attribute values, Location: Campbell, Department: Engineering, Business_Unit: Cost Center 1 and choose Filter by Common Attributes, the report will display only the results that contain all 3 common attribute values. If you do not choose the new checkbox, the report will display all results with attributes values Campbell, Engineering, or Cost Center 1.


Resolves an issue that caused the Import Host Attributes button to fail.


Resolves an issue where Active Directory was failing during login. Added a step in the configuring LDAP documentation to update the hosts file with <AD_IP_ADDRESS AD_DOMAIN_NAME>. This enables the Active Directory server to be identified by the domain name as well as the IP address.


Exposes a new view aps_vr_vmm_chargeback in the SQL Template Designer for report building.


On RedHat systems, occasionally the following error is found during a database connection:

IO Error:Connection reset by peer 
(Write failed).

This issue has been resolved by updating the securerandom.source entry in the java.security file to use /dev/urandom instead of the default value of /dev/random. Also, the Apache configuration file httpd-ssl.conf has been updated with the SSLRandomSeed setting to use /dev/urandom.


Resolves an issue with the SQL Template Designer displaying an error when using the Storage Array view in queries with grouping sets.

Virtualization Manager Enhancements and Resolved Issues


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Resolves an issue with the Powered Off date being inaccurate for virtual machines that were shutdown and re-booted between data collections.


Increased length of column device key in the database table apt_vmw_virtual_disk to store up to the number(10).


Increased the length of column Tag Value to 512 in the table apt_partition_tags to accommodate larger data set.


Increased the length of column avg_queue_latency_ms in the VMWare disk log database table to prevent issues occurring with the table during upgrade.