APTARE IT Analytics Release Notes

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Product(s): APTARE IT Analytics (10.4)
Platform: APTARE IT Analytics

New Alert Rules


APTARE IT Analytics Alert Name

Similar Veritas NetBackup™ OpsCenter Alert Conditions


Hung Job

Hung job

An alert is generated when a job hangs (runs for more than the specified time) for a selected policy or a client for a specified period. The Hung Job condition is checked every 15 minutes. Depending upon when a job starts within a check cycle, an alert may not occur. (SC-19211)

License Usage


Alerts on license expiration dates and usage percentage overages. (SC-19536)

NetBackup Down Drive

Drive is down

Alerts on NetBackup drives with a state of 'Down' for selected NetBackup Management Servers. (SC-19474)

NetBackup Frozen Media

High frozen media

Alerts on any media that the status has changed to Frozen on the selected server(s). (SC-18362)

NetBackup Incomplete Job

Incomplete job

Alerts on the selected Veritas NetBackup job type, master server or client which has a job status of Incomplete. (SC-19078)

NetBackup Job Policy Attribute Change

Job policy change

Alerts on revisions made to any NetBackup job policy attribute. Select a specific job policy to monitor or monitor all NetBackup job policies for attribute changes. The Alert details include a list of time-stamped specific revisions. (SC-19509)

ServiceNow: Job Finalized


Alerts on jobs of the selected product vendor and master server that have completed with a specified Exit Status. For Veritas NetBackup, the scope can also include policy and/or schedule. This alert also enables the incident creation with ServiceNow for the selected scope. (SC-20839)