APTARE IT Analytics Release Notes

Last Published:
Product(s): APTARE IT Analytics (10.4)
Platform: APTARE IT Analytics

Security, Authentication, and Privilege Management

  • Default Login Password: With the removal of OpenLDAP from the install and upgrade, user details have been shifted into the database. The product is now shipped with a default login password: P@ssw0rd that must be changed after the first login. Note the password contains a zero, not an uppercase letter O. (SC-20535)

  • Single Sign On Using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML): Single Sign On (SSO) using SAML 2.0 is now supported for a standard unified login. User authentication is performed through an external Identity Management Server allowing for increased security for user passwords and identity details. Once systems are synchronized, users can leverage their own LDAP directories and groups to log into the APTARE IT Analytics Portal. SSO using SAML requires you to configure SSL. You can manage your SSL certificate using the Portal Keystore Utility (deployCert). This utility is also required for SSL-based Syslog configuration. (SC-20660)(SCP-571)

  • Penetration Testing: In this ongoing effort, simulated cyberattacks on the system are being performed in our labs to evaluate the security of the system. Numerous changes have been implemented to mitigate the vulnerabilities discovered by this effort.(SC-22995)