APTARE IT Analytics Release Notes

Last Published:
Product(s): APTARE IT Analytics (10.4)
Platform: APTARE IT Analytics

Usability Focus: Simplification

Portal usability and simplification is a focus for this release. Numerous enhancements have been made across the user interface in an effort to deliver a better user experience.

Highlights include:

  • SQL Template Designer Enhancement - Custom Colors for Pie Charts: You can now specify the colors for pie chart segments built using the SQL Template Designer. Users can select the first few colors of the pie chart by choosing the Color Sequence as the Formatter in the first column. Next, enter the color in the associated Pattern field. Choose from Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, White or Grey. (SC-20469)

  • Importing Multiple SQL Templates (RTD) and Dynamic Templates (DTDs): Users can now import multiple SQL Templates and Dynamic Templates all at once in one zip file. The Zip file can contain one or more templates. (SC-19089) (SCP-544)

  • Support Tools Update: After moving to a model where many properties have been shifted into the user interface, some settings were missing in the downloaded logs. Now when you select Portal Configuration, all system configuration settings (systemConfiguration.properties) are now included in the requested support package. (SC-18304)

  • New Framework for Database Message Logging: In an effort to address an issue with database log rotation, this enhancement uses a new framework to write database log messages to a table instead of writing to a file. This resolves the issue of log files becoming full and causing outages. Recognizing the need to occasionally access the log file for troubleshooting issues, you can specify a duration to write to the file using the Ctrl Alt D feature in coordination with the Support Tools. (SC-17109) (SCP-564)

  • Veritas NetBackup Near-Real Time Data Capture, Persistence and Reporting: Veritas NetBackup data collection now monitors and collects backup jobs and job-related data in near real time. Job-related data includes create/update/delete event for Backup Policy, Storage Unit, Storage Unit Group and Storage Life Cycle Policy. This enables alerting to be more immediate and allows administrators to respond faster when business critical events occur. (SCP-596)