APTARE IT Analytics Release Notes

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Product(s): APTARE IT Analytics (10.4)
Platform: APTARE IT Analytics

Known Issues

The following known issues are present in the release.

Table: APTARE IT Analytics Known Issues

Issue Number



APTARE IT Analytics uses a utility, nb_monitor_util to help collect data from a NetBackup Appliance. Due to a limitation in nb_monitor_util not providing unique IDs for Fans and Connections, there may a discrepancy in the number of records and the actual number of devices present in the appliance.


During a portal upgrade, the upgrade script may abruptly abort:

<JAVA_HOME>/lib/ext exists, extensions mechanism 
no longer supported; Use -classpath instead. 
Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. 
Error: A fatal exception has occurred.

The program will exit. To workaround the issue: delete either ext or ext-old directories in C:/opt/aptare/upgrade/jre/lib folder and rerun the upgrade script.


The Linux upgrade installer and data collector installer displays "line 3578: //Fix: No such file or directory" and "line 3579: //: Is a directory" during the unpacking of the installer. This output can be safely ignored.


Java 11 disables outdated and insecure TLS encryption algorithms. Some subsystems require use of these outdated algorithms for successful collection. Subsystems known to be affected include: Commvault, Compellent, Brocade BNA and Cisco DCNM. The issue will manifest in the collector logs as a javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException. If this issue occurs, try modifying the Java security settings as documented in the Commvault, Compellent, Brocade BNA and Cisco DCNM Data Collector prerequisites. Refer to the individual documentation for those subsystems in APTARE IT Analytics help. Note that the presence of SSLHandshakeException in the logs only indicates the possibility that this issue is the cause.


For Cohesity DataProtect, Veeam Backup & Replication, Rubrik Cloud Data Management, and NAKIVO Backup & Replication collection, if Directory, NAS and File Type object types are persisted, only backup servers are counted toward licenses. Individual clients are not counted.


EMC Isilon SMB shares in access zones are not being collected and reported in the EMC Isilon SMB Share Summary report.


For SAN Fabric collection, in certain cases, the database may contain aliases that actually do not exist, but they appear to be associated with a zone.


When running checkinstall for VMware collection, error messages may not accurately reflect the cause of the error. Inspect the collector logs for the actual cause of the error.


Occasionally, tabular reports will display mis-aligned column headings. To avoid this issue, wait for the report to finish rendering before clicking on another tab.


The File Analytics File List Export feature has an issue where the number of files exported does not match the number of files shown in the File Categories report. This occurs only if the File Categories have been modified and the user running the report belongs to more than one Domain.