APTARE IT Analytics Release Notes

Last Published:
Product(s): APTARE IT Analytics (10.4)
Platform: APTARE IT Analytics

Supported Browsers and Display Resolution

Display Resolution: The minimum resolution for the Portal is 1280 x 768 px.

The Portal was certified on the following browsers. Please note that if you are using other versions of these browsers your user experience may vary:

Table: Supported Browsers


Apple Macintosh

Microsoft Windows


Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.1


Mozilla Firefox 68.5.0esr (64-bit)




Google Chrome 79.0.3945.130(64-bit)



Apple Safari 13.0.5


Browser Performance

Several factors can impact web browser performance and behavior, such as:

  • client memory size and free memory

  • number of objects to be displayed in the Inventory

  • volume of data to be displayed

  • browser vendor (such as Chrome, Firefox, or IE) and version

The Portal is designed to handle data in large-scale environments, however, your browser vendor/version may not be able to render all the objects. If your browser cannot accommodate the volume, you can reduce the total number of items displayed in the Inventory, or try a different browser.

For larger data sets, use a Google Chrome browser for an optimal experience. Based on browser performance testing using very large data sets, Firefox and IE are supported, but the performance may be degraded.

Compatibility Mode

For supported browsers, some windows may not display properly if you are running in compatibility mode rather than the preferred standard mode. Steps to change from compatibility mode to standard mode can be found by searching the Help in your vendor-specific browser window.