APTARE IT Analytics Release Notes

Last Published:
Product(s): APTARE IT Analytics (10.4)
Platform: APTARE IT Analytics

End-of-Life (EOL)

  • The following reports are now obsolete and have been removed from APTARE IT Analytics: Capacity Planning - Array, Capacity Planning - Host and Media Forecasting Dashboard. Any saved instances of these reports will be deleted when the Portal is upgraded to version 10.00 and later. (SC-7098)

  • McData switches are no longer supported.

  • RedHat 5 is no longer supported for Portal or Data Collector servers. (SC-8412)

  • HP Data Protector versions 5.x and 6.x are no longer supported. (SCP-373)

  • Oracle 11g is no longer supported.

  • Solaris Installations for Data Collectors will not be supported starting with APTARE IT Analytics 10.4. APTARE IT Analytics 10.4 and later requires Amazon Corretto 11. Amazon Corretto 11 does not support Solaris. (SC-18317)