Enterprise Vault™ Setting up IMAP

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Product(s): Enterprise Vault (12.3)

About IMAP

Enterprise Vault's IMAP feature provides IMAP client access to existing Exchange mailbox archives, and to new Internet mail archives for users of other mail services.

When you provision and enable users for IMAP access, Enterprise Vault sends these users a notification message which contains:

  • Connection details for an IMAP server that is hosted by Enterprise Vault, which provides access to Exchange archives and Internet mail archives

  • Connection details for an SMTP server in your environment, through which users can send outgoing mail from their clients and devices

When users have configured their devices to access their archives, they can access all the existing archived content, and archive new content both manually and automatically using their own client rules.

In the case of Exchange archives, the existing regime for archiving and retention remains in place. For new archives that are created for Internet mail users, retention is dictated by the IMAP policies you create and apply to the users when you provision and enable them for IMAP access.