Overcoming Complexity to Enhance your Digital Transformation Journey

ベリタスの視点 December 21, 2022

In a recent survey, IT leaders cited three major barriers to achieving their enterprise digital transformation goals. These included collecting and protecting ever-larger volumes of data, the emerging global regulatory regime, and the rising cost and complexity of data privacy.

With the growing fragmentation of hybrid IT environments, businesses find themselves dealing with a distributed collection of on-premises and multi-cloud data management. These challenges will continue to hold businesses back from realizing the potential of digital transformation as a source of productivity and innovation.

At the core of the issue for decision-makers is the trade-offs between productivity, performance, and security. On one hand, the enterprise cloud is a vehicle for scalable resources and global collaboration. By leveraging cloud capabilities, organizations can adopt, develop, and customize applications to enable borderless data sharing and teamwork – even more important today given the shift towards remote working.

However, IT security remains a serious risk as leaders know a single data breach or ransomware incident can massively set back the transformation agenda. Furthermore, the cost of maintaining an expanding IT environment and maintaining dark data - uncategorized or unaccounted data - contradicts cost efficiency goals and creates regulatory compliance headaches.

To resolve this conflict, we help enterprise IT leaders implement a unified data management strategy centered around resolving the complexity of their hybrid environments. By simplifying data management frameworks, we support our customers to empower their workforce to adopt smarter, more connected ways of working. All without burdening the organization with security, cost, and compliance issues.

In my video below, I explain how enterprise IT leaders can reduce the cost, complexity, and manual burden associated with data management across their organization. Highlighting why Fujitsu and Veritas are uniquely equipped to help customers protect business-critical data, from the edge to the core to the cloud.

Harald Derbsch
Director, Global Fujitsu Alliance
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