Meet Sherri Bruun, Senior University Relations Recruiter and Program Specialist

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Sherri Bruun is a Senior University Relations Recruiter and Program Specialist and has been with Veritas for almost 2 years. She is responsible for recruiting top talent from universities across the United States, as well as running, planning, and bringing innovative ideas to the Veritas summer intern program. As Sherri reflects on the students she hires and engages with, it takes her back to her first job when she was in high school and worked at a frozen yogurt shop. Sherri learned valuable customer service skills that would serve her well in her future career. Her first corporate role was right out of college, recruiting commission sales reps for an office products company. This position kicked off her Human Resources (HR) recruiting career when she discovered that she loved working with people who were trying to reach their career goals.

Sherri's favorite aspect about working at Veritas is the culture and the work-life balance. She appreciates the support she receives in achieving a work-life balance and values that her time is respected. As she progressed in her career, Sherri learned many crucial lessons, including the importance of continuous learning and focus on personal and professional growth, staying humble, and being a team player. She lives by a quote from Steve Jobs, "Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do."

Sherri loves university recruiting and working with students because of the passion and energy they bring. Not only to their career but to the company as well. She enjoys watching them grow and succeed within a role in the organization. She shared that nothing is more rewarding than seeing an intern go from entry-level to a manager in a few years.  Additionally, Sherri loves being on campus and talking to students about Veritas and the opportunities they have here. The students are always full of great questions, fun ideas and so much passion for what they want in life. She loves how energizing and motivating they are!

Sherri, along with the rest of the University Recruiting team in the United States, is still looking to fill some intern roles in marketing, customer success, and engineering. She advises those looking for jobs to tailor their resume to the specific position and come prepared with well-thought-out questions for the interviewer. She also shares that it is crucial to do your homework and research to learn about the company before you meet with the recruiter. Sherri concludes with “there is tremendous opportunity with Veritas enhancing their investment in the cloud and so much growth ahead. It’s such an exciting time to be a part of Team Veritas!”

Are you interested in joining Veritas as an intern or a new graduate? Check out our open roles here, and learn more about the Veritas University Relations program on LinkedIn.

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Sherri Bruun, Sr University Relations Recruiter & Program Specialist