Introducing NetBackup Recovery Vault

保護 October 19, 2021

NetBackup customers have been vocal in recent years about the pros and cons of using cloud storage as a backup target.  On the plus side, highly available, DR-capable off-site storage with endless scale; who doesn’t love that? But cloud storage can also introduce some new challenges, such as numerous “click costs” for I/O activities such as PUTS, GETS, retrieves, egress, ingress, etc., that can leave you wondering what the heck just happened when you get your cloud bill at the end of an “active” month. Also, what about the vulnerability of storing backup data in the same cloud tenant as your production data.  If a ransomware attack breaches your tenant, and the production data is impacted, will the backup data be safe?  Probably not.  And choosing cloud storage from a single vendor can feel like a difficult decision to change down the road, given egress costs and other challenges to making a switch.

To address the concerns that have been raised about cloud storage, Veritas is offering a new service to NetBackup users.  NetBackup Recovery Vault will be a fully managed turnkey cloud storage offering that delivers an optimized suite of capabilities for backup and recovery use cases.  Don’t think of this service as a standalone offering, but rather as an integral component in the overall NetBackup cloud strategy focused on delivering services with resiliency, elastic scalability, self-healing, and low operating cost requirements.

Some of the key capabilities that will be delivered as part of NetBackup Recovery Vault include:

Cloud storage freedom. We are initially offering NetBackup Recovery Vault with Azure storage and will add other storage partners soon after the initial launch.  As the list of supported partners grows, so will your choices.  This will allow you to choose the best storage based on geography or where the workload is hosted without negotiating new terms with a different provider with each storage decision. 

Automated provisioning. The Veritas hosted storage provisions Recovery Vault storage using automated processes that have been used for over 15 years to serve thousands of customers with many petabytes of data. The request form is simple, and the storage will be available quickly.

Air-gapped storage for ransomware protection. Recovery Vault storage will be managed in the Veritas tenant, offering secured separation from primary data residing in your production cloud tenant.   

Comprehensive support with no “finger-pointing.” Support for Recovery Vault will be provided by the NetBackup support team, allowing you to place a single call for resolution to any issue that occurs in the application or storage layers.   

Simplified licensing with predictable costs. Recovery Vault will be licensed based on storage consumed following deduplication and compression. It will include an ample amount of variable storage I/O activity costs that can raise your blood pressure if charged for a la carte. This can allow you to access your data for recovery, audits, discovery, test-dev usage, disaster recovery rehearsals, workload migrations, or other activities, without worrying about the incremental costs that might be incurred.    

If the promise of cloud storage freedom delivered by Recovery Vault sounds interesting to you, I invite you to check out the landing page to learn more:

Paul Mayer
Product Manager, Enterprise Data Protection
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