Licensing Process

A streamlined licensing experience for Veritas software


Activate your Veritas software license.


Upgrade your Veritas software license.

Renew and Maintain

Maintenance and renewal information for your Veritas software license.

Manage Your Licenses and Files

Veritas Entitlement Management System

The Veritas Entitlement Management System (VEMS) is an entitlement management portal that provides access to entitlements purchased from Veritas. Entitlements are created in the Entitlement Owner's VEMS Account by the order fulfillment process. Once an Entitlement has been created, Users of the VEMS account can access the Entitlement information, download software, and generate license keys associated with the Entitlement.

To access VEMS, click the Veritas Support ‘Licensing’ option.

For more information on the Veritas Entitlement Management System, please see the Veritas Entitlement Management System FAQ and the User Guide.

Licensing Policies

View policies related to licensing such as the End of Life and Global Deployment policies.

See all Licensing Policies

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