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Ransomware and data security are top concerns of financial services executives—and for good reason. The rate of malware attacks continues to rise exponentially, and financial services organizations are tempting targets. Protecting your customers’ sensitive data is vital to limit damage, ensure compliance, and maintain trust.

The numbers tell the story of cybersecurity for financial services.


The average cost of a data breach in financial services.1


Financial services saw a significant increase in malware attacks in 2022.2


Based on reported breaches, financial services is the second-most impacted industry.3

Data Risk Management - Financial Services Report 2023

What are the greatest risks facing financial services organizations today?

Take control of cybersecurity for financial services.

Multi-Layered Protection

Ensure the protection of sensitive data in the cloud and on-premises.

Compliance Optimization

Stay ahead of regulatory compliance with advanced supervision and eDiscovery.

Data Visibility

Get a comprehensive view across platforms in a single, unified dashboard.

Intelligent Automation

Deploy AI and ML tools for proactive malware scanning and anomaly detection.

Secure your data and backups against attack.

Cybercriminals are constantly evolving tactics to infiltrate IT systems and access critical data. Financial services organizations are at particular risk. Veritas provides a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to cybersecurity that ensures the protection of sensitive customer data in the cloud and on-premises.

  • Work from a streamlined interface with full overview of security and recovery indicators like ransomware scorecards and health meters.
  • Improve recovery reliability, achieve near-zero recovery point objectives, and establish granular recovery points.
  • Alleviate the burden of missing critical patches, account compromises, and public exposure of cloud.

Optimize regulatory compliance.

Ensuring regulatory compliance for financial services is becoming increasingly complex and potentially more costly. By synthesizing intelligence across data sources, Veritas solutions allow you to seamlessly surface information, gain actionable insights, support eDiscovery, and avoid fines.

  • Audit search capabilities guarantee that each action is logged, indexed, and stored in an immutable, tamper-proof archive.
  • Immutable and compliant archives prevent files from modification, corruption, or deletion.
  • Powered by machine learning, built-in intelligent review identifies content with full transparency.

Use data insights to support proactive decision-making. 

Veritas solutions enable you to leverage a single dashboard to monitor and assess risk across all data ecosystems while gaining a comprehensive view of your data protection environment.

  • Gain actionable insights to prevent breaches and maximize cost-efficiency.
  • Optimize your environment using detailed reports to highlight risks.
  • Deploy AI and machine learning to proactively monitor, log, and analyze data activity, anomalies, and malware.

Combat cyber threats with the power of artificial intelligence. 

With AI-powered anomaly detection, you can scan huge amounts of data, automate monitoring and reporting, and provide actionable insights in near real-time across your entire environment.

  • Alerts identify anomalous user behavior and potential ransomware affected files, tracking their size and location in your environment.
  • Anomalies receive an assigned a score based on severity and calculated based on the degree of variance from normal parameters.
  • Machine learning helps to reduce false positives and orchestrates malware scans to ensure recovery of clean data.
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