Veritas Entitlement Management System Guide

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Updated VEMS guide This is dynamic document and is intended to eventually replace several documents, including this article. Please refer to the updated VEMS guide for the latest information. 


Important Reminder

If you are a VEMS administrator (you will see a gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of VEMS if you are an administrator), please log into VEMS frequently to ensure that self-service requests are able to be submitted. If no administrator has logged into your account within the last 6 months, self-service requests will be routed to Customer Care.

This is especially important if you have been granted VEMS administrator access as part of an acquisition, as others within your organization may need to request access to VEMS. 



This article contains basic information about the Veritas Entitlement Management System (VEMS).  For more in-depth information, please refer to the user guides attached at the bottom of the page.

Additional Resources

Introducing VEMS Self-Service:

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VEMS User Privileges:


About the Veritas Entitlement Management System

The Veritas Entitlement Management System (VEMS) is an entitlement management portal that provides access to entitlements purchased from Veritas. As orders are fulfilled by Veritas, Entitlements are created in the customer's VEMS Account that allows the Users of the VEMS account to access the Entitlement information, to download software, and to generate license keys within that Account.

Users who need to be able to view and manage entitlement information, to download software, to generate license keys, and to open technical support cases need to be able to access VEMS.

The general features of the Veritas Entitlement Management System include:

  • Ability to view and manage Entitlements across multiple VEMS accounts
  • Ability to download software associated with Entitlements
  • Ability to generate and manage license keys
  • Ability to manage Enterprise Flex contracts
  • Ability to manage User access
  • Ability to group Entitlements
  • Who can Access a VEMS account?

Entitlements are held in VEMS Accounts. An Entitlement can only be held by a single VEMS Account. Active Users of an Account can access Entitlements held by a VEMS Account.

Customers are responsible for managing their VEMS Accounts and ensuring that only authorized Users have access to their VEMS Accounts. Users need access to a VEMS Account to be able to manage Users, to access Entitlement information, to download software, to generate license keys, and to open technical support cases.

Users can be associated with an unlimited number of Accounts. Users can have different levels from privileges across Accounts. These privileges include being able to manage User access as an Administrator, being able to download software, being able to generate license keys, and being restricted to only being able to view Entitlements.

Account Administrators are able to add, remove, and modify User access. User access may also be granted by the Veritas order fulfillment process. The Entitlement Owner listed on the Veritas order is added to the VEMS account and provided the ability to access all Entitlements held by the Account associated with the order. The first Entitlement Owner User added to an Account is granted Administrator privileges.

ShipTo contacts on the Veritas order may also be given access to specific Entitlements within an Account. Orders must be include a ShipTo Account Number that is different from the Entitlement Owner's Account Number in order for the ShipTo contact to be provided access. The ShipTo contact will be provided access to Entitlements created by the order for at least sixty days. After sixty days, an Account administrator can remove the ShipTo contact's access. For more information, see the VEMS User Guide.


Accessing VEMS

  1. Open in a web browser
  2. Click Licensing

NOTE:  Users need to have a Veritas Account. New Users will need to register by clicking Register Now on the Veritas Account login page.


Password Resets and Lockouts

Entering an incorrect password three times will result in a 30 minute lockout. To avoid this, please use the "Forgot Password" option at the login page of

If your account has been locked, you may either wait 30 minutes or contact Customer Care to have your account unlocked and a temporary password issued. Customer Care contact information is available at


Downloading Software

Veritas Download Center

Please see for more information on the Veritas Download Center.

The Veritas Download Center will still be accessible by following the existing steps for accessing downloads in VEMS:

Software downloads can be accessed from the Dashboard, Entitlements, and Downloads tabs by clicking the Image download button. Which one to use is a matter of preference. In each tab, entitlements can be filtered by product or located by Entitlement ID.


Generating and Accessing Licenses

Licenses can be generated in the Dashboard and Entitlements tab by clicking the Image key generation button. Entitlements can be sorted by product, account name, etc. They can also be located by Entitlement ID, contract number, and other search criteria. Which one to use is a matter of preference. Customers will be asked to select a version and quantity when generating keys and can add notes to the key generated.

The License Keys tab displays license keys and files that have already been generated. Users may also save, print, and email generated licenses from this tab under Actions:


NOTE: Box product serial numbers and vouchers must first be registered by clicking the "Redeem Voucher & Register Serial Number" icon in the Entitlements tab. The information required to register (serial number for box products, voucher and order number for vouchers) will be included in the packaging.

Entitlement Status

Entitlements exist in two statuses: Active and Replaced. Replaced entitlements are those that have been replaced as part of a substitution program. To see these entitlements and to obtain information on the corresponding Active entitlement, filter the Entitlement Status in the Entitlements tab to Replaced. Clicking on the Replaced entitlement will display the replacement Active Entitlement ID.

Obtaining VEMS Access

See for detailed information on VEMS Self-Service.

VEMS Privileges

There are five access levels in VEMS:  License, Download, Admin, View, and Support.

Support access provides the capability to open technical support cases based on your account's entitlements.  It does not include the capability to view or generate licenses, download software, or administer users.  Support access does not require administrator permission for employees of the end-user company.  Third-parties will need end-user administrator permission for all access levels.  A third-party is anyone who is not a direct employee of the end-user organisation. Third-parties may also open technical support cases on behalf of an end user at in the Support Cases section, but this does not provide access to the customer's entitlements. This requires the submitter to provide specific entitlement information for the end-user's active support agreement, such as an Entitlement ID, Support ID, or Account Number.

For all other access levels:

View provides the ability to see all entitlements, but not generate licenses or download software.

License provides the ability to generate licenses and can be added separately from or in combination with Download.

Download provides the ability to download software and can be added separately from or in combination with License.

Admin provides the ability to open technical support cases for all entitlements on associated accounts, generate licenses, download software, and the addition and removal of users. Admins are responsible for approving access and certificate reprint requests.

Requesting Access

Customers who were not associated with an order may request access to their respective accounts' licenses by using the User Management section of the Self-service Tools tab in VEMS. Requesters will need to provide one of the following pieces of information to request account access:

  • Service contract number
  • Sales order number
  • Entitlement ID
  • Appliance serial number
  • Account number
  • IB instance number

If the email address you use to log into VEMS matches the domain of an existing end-user contact on that account, Support access will be automatically granted. Requests for other privileges will be routed to your organization's VEMS administrators.

Requesters can see the status of their requests in the same section.

NOTE TO EXISTING ADMINISTRATORS:  Administrators are responsible for managing VEMS access to their respective accounts and approving incoming requests. Admins can see these requests in the same section. 

NOTE: Accounts for VEMS may be created using a shared/generic mailbox such as "," but a real individual's name must be used and users will not be allowed to open cases using shared mailboxes. Veritas does not recommend the use of shared mailboxes for VEMS access.

NOTE: VEMS users will need permissions higher than Support on accounts in order to see those accounts within Smart Meter. 

Inactive Administrators

Self-service for requesting VEMS access depends on your account having active administrators. If there are no admins who have logged in within 6 months of the request, you will be directed to contact Customer Care for assistance. If you request for access times out, you will also be directed to contact Customer Care for assistance.

If no administrators have logged in within 6 months, you will be asked to email Customer Care with a self-authorization statement.

Example: “I represent and warrant to Veritas that I am an employee of [Company] and I am authorized to have [PRIVILEGE TYPE] level of access to [Company's] VEMS. All previously-listed administrator account(s) are inactive due to no logins into VEMS within the last 6 months.”


Changing Email Addresses

If a user's email address changes, their admin can inactivate the username associated with the old email address and add a new username for the new email address.  For more information, see the User Guide or online Help.

Changing Usernames

If a username has been spelled incorrectly and needs to be corrected, please contact

Generating Entitlement Reports

VEMS users with permissions above Support can export a list of entitlements.  This report will include all entitlements in VEMS on the accounts to which the user has been added.

This report can be generated in the Entitlements tab by clicking Export. Items in the Entitlements tab can also be filtered based on product family, contract number, etc. so that exports can be created for specific product families, contracts, etc.

Should a more comprehensive list of entitlements be needed, please contact for information on obtaining an Install Base Report.  NOTE:  Third-party requests may require additional end-user approvals.

Getting Help

For assistance with VEMS please contact Veritas Customer Care at or by calling the number listed for your region at

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