Adding and Removing VEMS Users for Administrators

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Last Published: 2019-01-17
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VEMS Administrator Background

Account Administrators in the Veritas Entitlement Management System can add/modify/deactivate Users. Customers are fully responsible for their Accounts and are expected to limit User access to only authorized Users.

The Order Fulfillment process will add the Technical Contact on the order as a User to the VEMS Account (Entitlement Owner Account listed on the Certificate) listed on the order. The first User of a new Account is given Administrator privileges so that they may add additional Users as required.

For the full Veritas Entitlement Management System Guide, please see

VEMS Privileges

Support access provides the capability to open technical support cases based on your account's entitlements.  It does not include the capability to view or generate licenses, download software, or administer users.

View adds the ability to see all entitlements, but not generate licenses or download software.

License adds the ability to generate licenses and can be added separately from or in combination with Download.

Download adds the ability to download software and can be added separately from or in combination with License.

Admin adds the ability to open technical support cases for all entitlements on associated accounts, generate licenses, download software, and the addition and removal of users.

Managing Users in VEMS

VEMS is accessed via the Licensing section of

The Administration section of VEMS is accessed by clicking the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the VEMS page:



Existing Users

A list of existing users is displayed on the main Administrator page.

Administrators can also search for specific users based on email address, account number, privilege, etc.


Click the modify user button in the Actions column for the applicable user to adjust permissions, grant access to additional account numbers, or inactivate.

New Users

Click the  icon on the main Administrator page to add a new user. NOTE: permissions for a new user must be set for each account. If you are the administrator for multiple accounts and are adding a new user, multiple accounts will be displayed, and privileges must be selected for each account:

Incoming Self-Service Requests

Users can request access to accounts and privilege changes on existing accounts via the Self-service Tools tab in VEMS. Administrators are able to approve or deny these requests in the same User Management section of the Self-service Tools tab.

Information on VEMS Self-Service is available at


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