Managed Services

Comprehensive 24x7 monitoring, management, and support of your backup and archiving environments


Be Proactive. Be Protected.

Plan for the unexpected. Avoid unwelcome costs.

Managed Services solutions for NetBackup and Enterprise Vault provide the ultimate in time- and labor-saving efficiency for your business.

Your business will receive proactive monitoring, management, and real time incident remediation: 24/7 – not just during business hours.

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World-class experts

Advanced event remediation

  • Significantly decrease time to resolution – prevent the snowball affect
  • Root cause analysis – prevent problems from reoccurring

Access to proactive and unparalleled expertise

  • Global community of technical services and R&D – boots on the ground, frontline access to problem solving expertise
  • Improve backup and restore performance
  • Feature adoption

Proactive planning and continuous improvements – because no environment is ever static

  • Capacity planning
  • Patch and upgrade environment

Business outcomes

Guaranteed SLAs

  • SLAs are established and enforced – enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is available
  • 24x7 escalation and event management – rest easy knowing someone is minding the store
  • Backup success, repeat failures, restores response Full transparency – no surprises
  • Access to real-time reports and metrics – insight at your fingertips whenever you want
  • Predictable costs – makes planning and forecasting less ambiguous
  • Operational excellence promotes maximized investment – gain improved efficiencies across the board
  • Focused priority with regular analysis reviews – meet personally with your dedicated account rep vs. reading another report
  • Harness our expertise – optimized system and resources, maximized product feature usage and first line access to best practices/IP - be among the first in line to get the latest benefit of global knowledge

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