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Shape information management environments to meet business goals.


Veritas Consulting Services

Even in heterogeneous environments, Veritas Consulting Services can help you maximize information availability, increase business resiliency, and pull valuable insights from business information. With broad expertise and deep knowledge in information management solution planning, architecture, deployment, validation, and optimization, Veritas Consultants help you meet information management challenges quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Advisory Services

Strike the Right Balance Between Internal, Competitive and Business Objectives

When you invite Veritas Advisory Services to work with you to understand your individual IT environment and future goals, you are empowered with a data management strategy that can address information availability, insight, and data protection. More importantly, the suggested approach supports your internal policies, builds competitive advantage opportunities, and aligns to business goals. Through valuable IT environment workshops, assessments, solution designs, and more – Veritas Advisory Services can help you realize greater agility and tackle your most critical information management obligations.

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Implementation Services

Implementation Services apply a proven, structured approach and risk mitigation strategies to help you more seamlessly deploy information tools. These services include detailed design, deployment, testing, and knowledge transfer through staff training.

Value Realization Services

Value Realization Services are designed to help organizations get the most from their information management infrastructure. Services range from health checks at critical points along the information lifecycle, to dedicated expertise driving enterprise-wide information management implementations, upgrades, or initiatives.

Veritas Consultants and authorized Partners

Veritas Consultants and authorized Partners support 75% of Fortune 500 companies, providing innovative solutions that help reduce risk and maximize the performance and value of Veritas technologies.

Let Veritas Consulting Services help you:

  • Increase backup success rates and minimize recovery time
  • Drive down operating and storage costs with deduplication
  • Simplify virtual machine protection
  • Archive and manage structured and unstructured data
  • Improve backup and discovery with active archiving
  • Minimize known implementation risks
  • Optimize storage and server resources
  • Reduce data loss and downtime
  • Improve existing storage management and business continuity policies and processes

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Cloud Migration & Adoption

Reduce Complexity

Veritas Cloud Migration & Adoption Services are designed to help you understand where your organization stands in your cloud migration and adoption journey and how to best address potential challenges and risks. Learn how to best prepare for storing your data in the cloud and reap the cost and functionality benefits.

Let Cloud Migration & Adoption Advisory Services demystify the questions you have.

Start the cloud migration conversation

Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment Workshop

Discover a Unique Roadmap to the Cloud

Set your organization in motion on the right path toward achieving your cloud and resiliency objectives with Veritas Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment. Stop asking how to get where you want to be and uncover an individualized path based on your organization’s environment and needs.

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Cloud Migration Advisory Service

Pave the Path to Cloud Storage

Veritas Cloud Migration Advisory Service is the next step in transitioning your organization’s information to the cloud. Veritas experts are available to help you clear a path to reaping the benefits of operating in the cloud. Greater understanding is achieved with an in-depth roundtable workshops where technical teams and business owners work together to uncover current- and future-state objectives for cloud migration and bring to light a number of important issues.

Modernize Data Protection

Combat Converging Forces

As rapid data growth meets burgeoning security risks and compliance regulations, a regulatory storm is beginning to brew. Organizations are quickly losing grasp on their data at a time when the consequences for mismanagement are higher than ever before. Without a clear understanding on what data you have or where it is stored, it’s next to impossible for you to manage these converging forces and to take action that enhances data performance and creates cost savings. Veritas Modernize Data Protection Advisory Services help empower organizations to conquer the storm, reduce risk and optimize storage. 

Make sense of data growth and management with Modernize Data Protection.

Connect with data protection experts

Information Visibility Workshop

Protect Valuable Data

Veritas Global Databerg Report recently found that 85% of an organization’s data is either Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial (ROT) or has become Dark Data of unknown value. Veritas Information Visibility Workshop can help NetBackup™ customers identify the remaining 15% of data that is business critical and help curb unnecessary resources being drained on non-critical information. In a one-day workshop, experts will leverage Veritas  Information Map™  to analyze, review and identify your data and provide recommendations based on your unique environment.

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Optimize Secondary Storage

Develop Critical Insight to Your Environment

It is no surprise that enterprise organizations continue to face a number of challenges around storage complexity, reaction time and compliance issues. Organizations are faced with a growing gap in storage capacity, performance and availability which hinders effective operational management. Combined with the need to be agile enough to respond quickly to business changes and the growing need for data control due to new regulations, businesses are in need of a new solution. Accomplish more with your information by wrangling your data and minimizing complexity. 

Gain valuable insights with Optimize Secondary Storage.

Start the discussion to take control of your data

SDS Expanded Diagnostic Advisory Service

Develop a Robust Understanding of Your Key Challenges and Goals

Open yourself up to a holistic approach to global best practices in information management when you engage Veritas SDS Expanded Diagnostic Advisory Services.  Explore topics, issues and future goals important to your organization while you gain industry leading advice and a tailored approach to your specific environment.

Over the course of the workshop, you will gain insight into eight key areas:

  • Information
  • Lifecycle management
  • Data classification & service catalog
  • Data & storage tiering
  • Storage economics
  • Copy data management
  • Replication
  • Storage management

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Risk Mitigation & Compliance

Turn on the Light. Gain Clarity.

More than half the data in an organization is dark. Lack of clarity of what data is stored and where exposes organizations to operational and compliance risk. That risk can lead to severe fines which could be imposed without notice. As new regulations come into effect, the stakes are higher and non-compliance is not an option.

Finding the truth in information enables organizations to address compliance and operational risk head on. Veritas Risk Mitigation and Compliance Services can help shed light on your data, illuminate the path to compliance and keep your organization running smoothly.

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GDPR Workshop

Understand Your GDPR Readiness. Discover a Viable Path Towards Compliance.

Are you prepared for the biggest change in data privacy regulations in the last decade? The GDPR Workshop is developed around your specific needs based on your environment. By understanding where your unstructured Personal Data resides, who is responsible and accountable, and your current processes for managing Personal Data, Veritas Advisory Services can help design the workshop framework to address your most pressing GDPR compliance issues.  

Other Resources:

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GDPR Readiness Assessment

Discover Your GDPR Compliance Roadmap: Evaluate, Measure, Remediate.

Major regulation changes are brewing. Help ensure your organization can weather the storm. The GDPR Readiness Assessment utilizes established data management tools alongside a best practices valuation framework. The outcome is a GDPR relevant roadmap of recommended activities. This approach helps enable customers to quickly achieve GDPR compliant outcomes as well as realize business benefits and compliance ROI.

The GDPR Readiness Assessment aims to:

  • Understand current exposure of Personal Data storage and protection
  • Document data flows where Personal Data exists
  • Determine the risk against upcoming regulations
  • Document remediation plans

Get ahead of compliance regulations with the GDPR Readiness Assessment. Make sure you’re on the right track.

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Resiliency Readiness Assessment Workshop

Validate Then Act

It’s simple: IT is the backbone of any organization. If IT goes down, the business can be critically wounded. The ability to map application dependency down to infrastructure is fundamental to measuring IT-resiliency. And because IT environments are so complex and ingrained in multiple business processes, the routine approach to resiliency may not be enough.

The Resiliency Readiness Assessment Workshop from Veritas Advisory Services is a balanced approach to substantiating your organization’s current IT-service resiliency. That validation can propel you in two directions: confirmation that your IT-resiliency plans are appropriate or reveal the need to explore strategies to address the potentially acute level of risk.

Outputs of the Resiliency Readiness Assessment Workshop include:

  • Diagnostic Framework - Assess complexity, quality, importance, and criticality
  • Grid Analysis - Rank strengths, deficiencies, obstacles, and roadblocks
  • Recommendations - Evaluation of current and desired states, low hanging fruit and high-level improvement opportunities, next steps roadmap

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Continuity & Resiliency Advisory Service

A Holistic Approach to Agile and Durable IT-Service Resiliency.

Business continuity has shifted as recovery time objectives converge with high availability targets. 86% of organizations now have recovery objectives of less than 4 hours*. Veritas Continuity and Resiliency Workshop aims to provide a holistic view of your organization’s current and desired state of business resiliency and operational risk. Discover how to mitigate risk, achieve greater resiliency and continuity while creating a resource viable plan to meet your goals. Tackle your most pressing continuity and resiliency issues with industry experts to develop a tailored solution to meet your goals and keep you agile.

Continuity & Resiliency Advisory Service keeps your business up and running.

*The Evolving Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Landscape, Enterprise Support Group, February 2016.

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