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Business Critical Services Premier

Business Critical Services extend beyond rapid break-fix technical support.  With proactive services and specialized support staff that develop an in-depth understanding of your business IT needs, our Business Critical Services help stabilize your infrastructure, optimize your IT operations, and provide rapid response when you need it.

Gain a champion inside Veritas

A single point of contact who understands your business needs.

  • Get expert proactive support from your Business Critical Account Manager (BCAM) who understands your business needs
  • Acts as a single point of contact for your critical cases
  • Customizes Support Services to fit your business needs
  • Coordinates more seamless software upgrades and migrations
  • Helps organize knowledge transfer and Proactive Service delivery
  • Acts as a trusted advisor to help you succeed

Priority access to experienced technicians

  • If it breaks, we fix it. Your issues get priority treatment
  • Only highly experienced technicians are assigned to resolve your issues—onsite if necessary
  • BCAM oversight helps you get the best Veritas has to offer
  • Post-issue, you’ll have case history reports, root cause analysis, and post-mortem analysis for continual improvement
  • Reduces risk
  • Mitigates the impact of failure
  • Improves stability and reliability

Business Critical Engineer

Win with proactive planning and management.

  • A Business Critical Engineer (BCE) works with you to optimize your Veritas environment to suit your business needs
  • Support extensions for select product families give you more time to plan
  • Minimizes downtime by identifying potential issues before they impact performance
  • Use each product feature fully to get the most value from your software investment

Remote Product Specialist

Personalize your support experience with dedicated product experts.

With deep knowledge of your solution and familiarity with your IT environment, the Remote Product Specialist (RPS) can help get your mission critical application up and running as quickly as possible in the event of an issue or an unplanned outage.

The Veritas Business Critical Services Remote Product Specialist offering includes an assigned, advanced-level product expert to personalize your support experience.

In addition to priority call queuing, you’ll have access to the product expert who will understand your products and has a deep understanding of your unique IT environment. In the event of an unplanned outage, this hands-on knowledge helps your environment get back online as quickly as possible.

Key Benefits

  • Direct access to an assigned engineer with deep product expertise and personalized knowledge of your IT environment
  • Priority call queuing and expedited access to our advanced line support engineers
  • Access to the Business Critical Services premium website
  • Rapid-issue diagnosis and problem resolution

Business Critical Services Assist

Enjoy the benefits of mission-critical support

Business Critical Services Assist equips your business with a designated, accountable Business Critical Coordinator (BCC) who’s available to oversee support delivery and assist with case management and escalations during local business hours.

With BCS Assist, you gain rapid response priority queuing—your calls jump to the front of the line—and your cases are assigned to the most seasoned technician engineers, 24x7 for quick issue resolution.

To pave the way for continual improvement, account reviews and quarterly reports help ensure that preventable issues don’t recur, and that solutions and recommendations are documented for future reference.

Key Benefits:

  • A designated Business Critical Coordinator who oversees support delivery
  • Rapid response, priority queuing, and case resolution by the most seasoned technicians
  • Quarterly reporting, and account reviews

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