Veritas NetBackup™ Vault™ Operator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (, 8.3, 8.2, 8.1.2, 8.1.1, 8.1)

Vault Operator Menu interface

Operational access to Vault is provided through the Vault Operator Menu interface. From the Vault Operator Menu interface, you can eject and inject tapes, and print reports for one or more Vault sessions. To be an authorized user of the interface, you must be able to run the vltopmenu command.

Figure: Example display of the Vault Operator Menu shows the main Vault Operator Menu screen.

Figure: Example display of the Vault Operator Menu

Example display of the Vault Operator Menu

The Vault Operator Menu screen shows the current profile, current session, and current report destinations. To select an option, type the number of the option and press Enter.

The vltopmenu command starts the Vault Operator Menu. The command is in the following directory:

  • UNIX


  • Windows


The vltopmenu command writes messages about its operations to the log file for Vault commands:

  • UNIX


  • Windows:


The following table describes the menu options:

p) Select Profile

Select a profile.

u) Profile Up

Select the previous profile.

d) Profile Down

Select the next profile.

s) Select Session

Select a specific session for the current profile.

i) Inject Media into Robot

Move media from the media access port (MAP) to the library slots.

e) Eject Media for This Session

Eject media from this session.

m) Modify Report Destinations

Change the following:

  • The print command

  • The email addresses to which Vault sends its reports

  • The directory to which Vault writes report files

r) Run Reports for This Session

Generate reports for the current session and distribute them as defined in the profile (print or distribute by email).

v) Run Individual Reports

Select individual reports to generate and distribute.

cr) Consolidate All Reports

Generate reports for any vault that does not have reports for a given session.

ce) Consolidate All Ejects

Eject media for any vault that has not ejected the media for a given session.

re) Consolidate All Reports and Ejects

Eject media from all vault sessions and run the reports as configured in the profiles. You can eject media and run reports for a single vault or for all vaults.

c) Container Management

Add volumes to containers, view or change a container's return date, or delete a container.

q) Quit

Quit the interface.