Veritas NetBackup™ Vault™ Operator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (, 8.3, 8.2, 8.1.2, 8.1.1, 8.1)

About removing tapes from a library

Libraries base decisions to eject media on their robotic capabilities. Robots that have media access ports (MAPs) place ejected media into one of their MAPs. You must remove the media from the slots in the MAP. For ACS robots that have multiple MAPs, media are placed in the MAP nearest the media volume (depending on configuration of the vault). For any robots that do not have MAPs, you must remove the media from the library slots in the robot.

You determine when media is ejected when you configure Vault for immediate or deferred ejection.

If you configure Vault for immediate ejection, the robot ejects the media into the MAP during the Vault session. The robot extends the MAP so that you can remove the media. Vault can select more media for ejection than the MAP can hold. If that is the case, Vault fills the MAP again and ejects more media. It continues until it ejects all the required media.

If you configure Vault for deferred ejection, you must eject the media and generate the reports manually. The vault process may include more media than can fit in the MAP. If this situation occurs, you must remove all ejected media before the robot can process the next set of media. You can use the Vault Operator Menu to eject media manually and generate reports.

The robot should eject the tapes in order of media ID and slot ID. Vault assigns a new slot ID on a session-by-session basis, in media ID order. The Vault uses slot IDs to order the Picking List for Robot report. For this reason, the report matches the order of the tapes that are ejected. However, the order may not match if off-site slot IDs from the tapes that have returned from the vault have been reused.


If media are not removed and a timeout condition occurs, the media are returned to (injected into) the library slots in the robot. If a timeout occurs, inventory the robot as described in the chapter about management of media in robots in the NetBackup Administrator's Guide. After the inventory completes, you can use the Vault Operator Menu to eject the media that was returned to the robot.