Veritas NetBackup™ Vault™ Operator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (, 8.3, 8.2, 8.1.2, 8.1.1, 8.1)

Vault report options

You can use several reports to process daily work. Veritas recommends that you send both printed copies and email copies of all reports to the staff members who are involved.

The following list describes the reports:

Picking List for Robot

The Picking List for Robot report lists the tapes you must remove from the robot. Note the following about the Picking List for Robot report:

  • The tapes should be the same tapes that the robot has ejected.

  • The media ID should match the tape label.

  • The slot IDs should ascend in order.

  • The slot IDs should not match any slot in use at the off-site vendor

  • The slot IDs should not match any slot ID already in use by a tape in transit to or from the off-site vendor.

  • The Date Assigned should be the same date as the report.

  • Expiration dates vary depending on the retention period of the backup policy.

  • If the report does not list any media, Vault did not eject any media during the session.

Distribution List for Vault

Include this report with the media that is sent off-site. It contains the same information as the Picking List for Robot, but it is intended for distribution to the off-site vendor with the tape batch.

Picking List for Vault

The Picking List for Vault report shows the tapes that were requested for return from the off-site vendor. Provide the off-site vendor with a copy of this report with each batch of media that goes off-site so that they return the expired tapes. The report does not list any tapes if no tapes have expired on the reporting day. Give a copy to the off-site vendor whether or not it lists any tapes.

Distribution List for Robot

The Distribution List for Robot report contains information on the same tapes as the Picking List for Vault report. These tapes do not arrive on site for at least one day. Make sure that the report is available when the tapes arrive the following day. Do not file the report until the tapes are checked in.

Vault Inventory

The Vault Inventory report shows all the tapes still in the off-site vault. The tapes are those left after the off-site vendor receives the daily batch and removes the appropriate tapes. The tapes that are removed are those shown in the Distribution List for Vault report.

Provide one copy of this report to the vendor with each batch. Place another copy in an easily accessible location.

You can print other reports after a Vault session. The storage administration team should notify operations of all reports that are printed and which reports need to be sent off site. For example, the administration team may print the detailed distribution lists that show the actual data that is stored on each tape.