Veritas NetBackup™ Vault™ Operator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (, 8.3, 8.2, 8.1.2, 8.1.1, 8.1)

Processing Vault reports

Each time the vault process runs, it sends reports to various staff members to notify them that it ran. Storage operations should receive a copy of the daily Picking List for Robot report. This report notifies the operations staff that a job has completed and that tapes have been ejected from the library.

To process a Vault report

  1. Determine who is responsible for processing the ejected tapes.
  2. Retrieve printed reports from the assigned printer, if applicable.
  3. Retrieve ejected tapes from the library doors.
  4. Prepare tapes for off-site storage.
  5. Compare ejected tapes with the Picking List for Robot.
  6. Work with storage administration to resolve any discrepancies.
  7. If you do not receive a report by the predetermined time, it may be difficult to process the tapes properly. For example, you may miss the time for off-site vendor delivery or pickup.

    If you have not received a report that you expected, contact storage administration to determine if there are any problems with the vault sessions. They can monitor the current jobs and interrupt them to allow the session to finish on time.