Data protection edge to core to cloud.



Veritas Flex Appliances

Create. Consolidate. Upgrade. All in record time.

NetBackup Appliances

High-performance, fully-featured NetBackup environments.

NetBackup Virtual Appliances

Appliance ease of use for virtual environments.

Access Appliance

Cost-effective, long-term retention that's scalable.

Data protection edge to core to cloud.

Protect your data everywhere it lives with Veritas Appliances.



Veritas Appliances for complete protection of your enterprise edge.


Protect remote offices and branch locations with the same NetBackup Enterprise Class data protection as the core. The Flex 5150 and NetBackup Virtual Appliances have a small footprint and they're easy to use.


Veritas Appliances for complete protection of your core data centre.


Simplify backups. Consolidate NetBackup deployments with the Flex 5340 Appliance. Run single deployments on fully featured NetBackup 5240 and 5340 Appliances with optimal performance.


Veritas Appliances for faster backup to the cloud.


NetBackup CloudCatalyst automates the path to the cloud and fits into existing NetBackup environments. Reduce data size by 50 percent. Accelerate every move in and out of the cloud with NetBackup CloudCatalyst.



Value of Veritas Appliances


Optimised Integration


See how Veritas Appliances optimise your integration.


Hardened Security


Explore the hardened security of Veritas Appliances.


Simplified Management


Total visibility. Zero unknowns. Get the single pane you always wanted.


Proactive Support


Streamline your support. Put predictive insights on your side.


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