Competitive Analysis

Veritas NetBackup vs. the competition.

There are many choices for data protection. But only Veritas continues to be a market leader.

Hybrid cloud requires a unified, flexible solution that scales up and scales out according to your business environment needs.

That's why Veritas has been a leader in enterprise data protection and held the highest market share for 16 consecutive quarters for integrated data protection appliances.

With over 30 years of experience, we outperform the competition.

Cost Effective Protections

Predictable, lower costs and ROI on-premises and in the cloud.

Lower Risk

Compliance, reliability and performance—peace of mind you can count on.

Ransomware Resiliency

Multi-level ransomware resiliency and proven recoverability.

Hybrid Cloud Companion

Native protection, LTR and DR with the ability to right-size cloud deployments.


Nothing Beats Veritas NetBackup. Don’t Settle for Less.



Data analytics from Primary and Secondary sources

Built-in content classification policies

Built-in granular exchange recovery and Bare Metal Recovery

Storage-Array snapshot integration for HP, Hitachi and Dell EMC

File System level WORM support

Automated Business continuity for multi-tier complex environments

Source Side deduplication & Intelligent Streaming

Nothing Beats Veritas NetBackup. Don’t Settle for Less.


Dell EMC

Active-Active High Availability Appliance

High capacity, Higher Performance & Energy Star Certified

Zero Cloud Tiering Costs & No Multi-Step Cloud Restore Process

Source Optimized, Global Intelligent Deduplication

Workload Support Parity Across Appliances & Software

Two-Staged MSDP Catalog Protection

Automated Business Continuity For Multi-tier Complex Environments

Built-in Granular Recovery VMs

Docker Certified Containers

Single-Click Disaster Recovery Business Service

Nothing Beats Veritas NetBackup. Don’t Settle for Less.



STIG rule based Hardening and embedded Security software in appliances

Container ready

Self-contained granular exchange recovery

Automated Business continuity for multi-tier complex environments

Predictable Availability and Resiliency

No nightly re-indexing of metadata/catalog; consistent restore performance

Source optimized client-side deduplication

Built-in classification policies for Governance/Compliance

Global De-dup, not Workload limited De-dup

Nothing Beats Veritas NetBackup. Don’t Settle for Less.



Layered Security Against Ransomware

All-inclusive license model

Windows independent backup infrastructure

Built-in immutability support for all workloads including NAS and Oracle

Mature and simple Oracle data protection

Integrated Kubernetes native protection

Built-in ransomware resiliency vs BYO/DIY ransomware resiliency

Nothing Beats Veritas NetBackup. Don’t Settle for Less.



Container-ready workload deployment

Agentless, modern, next-gen workload protection and PSF support

Appliance with feature parity with software form-factor and complete data management

Automated business continuity for multi-tier, complex environments

Predictable availability

MS SQL PIT Instant Access recovery

Star Energy efficiency rated

AWS Glacier direct deduplication support*

Host IPS/IDS built-in security hardening

SaaS-based ML/AI proactive maintenance

Simultaneous restore to multiple locations

eDiscovery solution: audio and video support without transcription

Experience the power of Veritas Enterprise Data Services.

Our integrated product portfolio is backed by a robust and comprehensive technology ecosystem. No other provider comes close to matching its scale and versatility.


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