NetInsights Console

Simplify lifecycle management, optimise performance, reduce operational risks.


The Veritas NetInsights Console is an AI/ML-driven enterprise-wide window into
your entire NetBackup infrastructure, running optimally and secure from threats.

Faster Time to

Confidence that the system is operational.

Reduce Unplanned

Better utilisation of infrastructure.

Increase ROI

Better cost utilisation of infrastructure.

Improve Productivity

Reduce the requirement for
dedicated experts.

System Health Insights

System Health Insights utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to deliver proactive support services increasing ROI and longevity.

Usage Insights

Veritas Usage Insights helps you manage NetBackup deployments more efficiently, spot trends and plan for the future. With accurate, near real-time reporting, it reveals the total amount of data that is backed up.



NetBackup Appliances

NetInsights Console provides the capability to proactively reduce downtime with NetBackup Appliances, reducing risk and saving cost.

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Flex Appliance

Combining NetInsights Console capability for proactive capacity management with the Flex appliance’s ability to rapidly configure and deploy data protection environments creates a powerful tool that adapts to rapidly changing business environments.

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