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APTARE IT Analytics is the only IT analytics platform to offer unified insights for all major storage, backup and virtual infrastructures through a single pane of glass in both on-premises and multicloud environments.

APTARE provides the visibility enterprises need to identify underutilised IT resources they can repurpose to achieve significant cost savings. According to the ESG Economic Validation Report, APTARE can deliver:

  • 90% reduction in IT management software costs.
  • 28% reduction in consumed IT resources.
  • 24% reduction in consumed storage resources.
  • 5% reduction in consumed compute resources.

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New in APTARE IT Analytics 10.5

APTARE 10.5 Release provides consolidated reporting & analytics for your heterogeneous IT infrastructure, enabling cost control by understanding over-provisioning, delivering chargeback, reducing risk and improving corporate compliance. Key features include:

  • Market-leading visibility for all data with SDK & Connector expansion: SDK framework, NBU ease of collection, Cohesity and IBM CIMOM interface
  • New! Multi-language support capabilities: Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and French.
  • Operational simplicity: Simplify, scale with growth, enable seamless deployment and integration​, which includes Filtering Logic “and” HA VCS Configuration​ with seamless upgrade & patching.
  • Expanded compliance & governance capabilities: Improve accountability, provide insights and deliver ransomware immutably including Oracle 19c, updated security certifications, Black Duck, Pen Testing & STIG, CyberArk and Oracle password.

Use cases

Data centre optimisation

Streamline backup auditing and reporting
APTARE IT Analytics Backup Manager allows administrators to view all attempted backups and delivers insights to solve backup problems such as:

  • Unprotected data discovery – reduces the exposure of unprotected data by automatically identifying clients and data sets that aren’t protected under a backup policy.
  • Suspect backups identification – eliminates “false positives” by identifying partial or failed backups that report as successful by the backup software.

Storage Optimisation

Effectively manage data storage resources and fully utilise available storage
The APTARE IT Analytics Storage Management Suite helps administrators gain insight into actual consumption of resources, so they can reclaim unused storage, reduce consumption and increase resource utilisation. The Storage Management Suite is made up of three core products:

  1. Capacity Manager—Provides end-to-end storage capacity reporting from hosts to storage arrays, enabling increased storage efficiency.
  2. Fabric Manager—Provides confident forecasting by capturing key performance metrics and details of SAN resources across all platforms.
  3. Virtualization Manager—Provides valuable insight into storage resource management within a virtualised environment.

IT as a Service

Drive demand management for storage, backup and cloud
Chargeback enables IT to operate as a service provider, understand where budget is being spent and charge back cost to end-customers or business units by capacity and performance.

APTARE IT Analytics helps you:

  • Gain management-level reporting for multi-tenancy environments.
  • Manage cost and demand for resources by viewing consumed storage, backup and VM resources and enable charge back.
  • Drive users to the right level and cost of storage and data protection for their needs.


"Our manual reporting system was too time-consuming and inefficient. APTARE IT Analytics streamlines the process and allows us to focus our attention on other more strategic issues."

Chris Davidson, VP and Manager, Open Systems Administration
Trustmark National Bank



Choose from three simple, predictable and comprehensive APTARE offerings:


Complete Suite

Because this offering is based on raw TB at a higher price, the current suggestion is not to have a conversion factor on the cloud-used TBs.

Storage Management Suite

Because this offering is based on raw TB, we need to convert the cloud-used TB into raw TB. The exact conversion ratio is to be decided, starting with 0.67 as the used-to-raw TB ratio from other calculations.

Protection Suite

No conversion factor is needed because the list price is based on FETB or used meter.


*APTARE provides a software development kit for users to quickly create
data connectors for storage and backup systems that are not shown here.

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APTARE provides a software development kit for users to quickly create data connectors for storage and backup systems that are not listed in this brochure.

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