NetBackup™ Web UI Backup Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.2)
Platform: Linux,UNIX,Windows

Scheduling reports for capacity licensing

By default, NetBackup triggers nbdeployutil to run on a specified schedule to incrementally gather data and to generate licensing reports. For the first run, the duration of the report uses the frequency that is specified in the configuration file.

For capacity licensing, the report duration is always for the last 90 days based on the availability of the gathered data. Any data older than 90 days is not considered in the report. Each time nbdeployutil runs, it gathers information for the time between the latest run of nbdeployutil and the previous successful run.

Licensing report location

The current capacity licensing report resides in the following directory:

On Windows: install_path\NetBackup\var\global\incremental

On UNIX: /usr/openv/var/global/incremental

It contains the following files:

  • The generated report for the latest nbdeployutil result.

  • Folders containing incrementally gathered data.

  • The archive folder that contains the older generated reports.

  • nbdeployutil log files.

The older reports are placed in the archive folder. Veritas recommends that you retain at least 90 days of reporting data. Data can be kept longer than 90 days, depending on the requirements of your environment. Older reports can help to show how the capacity usage has changed over time. Delete the reports or the folder when they are no longer required.

Use Case I: Using the default values for the licensing report

The nbdeployutilconfig.txt file is not required when you use the default parameters. nbdeployutil uses the following default values for capacity licensing:


  • MASTER_SERVERS=local_server

  • PARENTDIR=folder_name

    For Windows: install_path\NetBackup\var\global\incremental

    For UNIX: /usr/openv/var/global/incremental

  • PURGE_INTERVAL=180 (number of days).

Use Case II: Using custom values for the licensing report

If the file nbdeployutilconfig.txt is not present, create a file using the following format:


To use custom values for the licensing report

  1. Copy the nbdeployutilconfig.txt file to the following location:

    For Windows: install_path\NetBackup\var\global

    For UNIX: /usr/openv/var/global

  2. Open the nbdeployutilconfig.txt file.
  3. Edit the FREQUENCY_IN_DAYS value to reflect how often you want the report to be created.

    Default (recommended)




    Value of 0

    Disables the incremental reporting and no licensing information is captured.

    Parameter deleted

    nbdeployutil uses the default value.

  4. Edit the MASTER_SERVERS value to include a comma-separated list of the master servers you want to include in the report.


    Veritas Smart Meter requires that master servers be at NetBackup 8.1.2 or later.

    No value

    nbdeployutil uses the default value.

    Parameter deleted

    nbdeployutil uses the default value.

    For example:

    • MASTER_SERVERS=newserver, oldserver

    • MASTER_SERVERS=newserver,


  5. Edit the PARENTDIR value to include the full path for location where the data is gathered and reported.

    No value

    nbdeployutil uses the default value.

    Parameter deleted

    nbdeployutil uses the default value.

  6. Edit the PURGE_INTERVAL to indicate the interval (in days) for how often you want to delete the report data. Data that is older than 180 days is automatically purged.





    No value

    nbdeployutil uses the default value.

    Parameter deleted

    nbdeployutil uses the default value.