NetBackup™ Web UI Backup Administrator's Guide

Last Published:
Product(s): NetBackup (8.2)
Platform: Linux,UNIX,Windows

Other configuration for incremental reporting

To change the directory of the gathered data and capacity licensing report

  1. If you have older gathered data and licensing reports, copy the complete directory to the new location.
  2. Edit nbdeployutilconfig.txt and change the location of the gathered data and licensing report in the PARENTDIR=folder_name field.

To use the data that was gathered previously to generate a capacity licensing report

  1. Locate the folder that was generated for the gathered data after the previous run of nbdeployutil and copy it to the following location:

    On Windows: install_path\NetBackup\var\global\incremental

    On UNIX: /usr/openv/var/global/incremental

  2. Create the gather_end.json file inside the copied folder and add the following text:


    The next incremental run considers the data inside the copied folder to generate a capacity licensing report.


    Delete any other gather folders inside the copied folder to avoid gaps for the period in which data is gathered. The missing data is automatically generated during the next incremental run.

To create a custom interval report using existing gathered data for capacity licensing

  • To create a report for a time interval that is different than the default interval of 90 days, run the following command:

    On Windows:

    nbdeployutil.exe --capacity --incremental --report --inc-settings 
    --hoursago <custom-time-interval>

    On UNIX:

    nbdeployutil.exe --capacity --incremental --report --inc-settings 
    --hoursago <custom-time-interval>

    The number of hours specified in --hoursago must be fewer than the purge-interval that is specified in the nbdeployutilconfig.txt file.


    nbdeployutil uses existing gathered data to generate the custom interval report. You are not required to use the --gather option.