Veritas and Microsoft

Information Management for the Hybrid Cloud



With 86% of Fortune 500 companies trusting Veritas to solve their information management needs, and 85% of Fortune 500 companies using the Microsoft Cloud, it makes sense that Veritas and Microsoft would partner to help meet the challenges enterprises face in today’s digital economy. Primarily, this partnership addresses the following key use cases:

Integrated Azure Cloud Connector in NetBackup 8.0

In concert with the Microsoft announcement of Azure Cool storage, Veritas is announcing availability of the integrated Azure Cloud Connector in NetBackup 8.0 which enables customers to experience the ease of use, manageability, and performance of leveraging Azure Storage as a key component of their enterprise hybrid cloud data protection strategy.

Data Protection & Storage Optimization

On average, organizations balance data protection across more than four point solutions. It’s no wonder mounting costs and increasing complexity are forcing them to look for a better way. Veritas delivers powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use backup and recovery for virtual, physical and cloud workloads in a single platform. Deep integration with Microsoft’s Azure cloud means even more flexible options at our customers’ fingertips.

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Disaster Recovery Orchestration

One of the top use cases for cloud is disaster recovery. Veritas and Microsoft have partnered to deliver orchestrated takeover/failback of Windows-based applications leveraging the Azure cloud. This approach not only simplifies the process, but reduces costs by keeping the usage of cloud infrastructure restricted to a disaster recovery event only. Application data is replicated as changes occur and in the event of a disaster, end-to-end application recovery is fully automated, enabling organizations to meet even the most strict RTO/RPO objectives.

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Data Migration Readiness

Avoiding an information crisis begins with better information governance. According to Veritas research, upwards of 52% of unstructured data in a typical enterprise is dark, meaning you¹re not quite sure if that data consists of harmless cat videos or the social security numbers of customers. Risk exposure is near limitless when such data is blindly stored and then migrated to the public cloud. To address this problem, many customers deploy Veritas file analysis and archiving solutions to intelligently classify their data, tag the appropriate assets for migration, and prepare a single data repository for transfer. Once the migration is complete, organizations can leverage policy-based governance tools to ensure optimal information lifecycle management in the cloud.

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