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Veritas Resiliency Platform

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Veritas Resiliency Platform

Resiliency as Your Competitive Advantage

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  • Heterogeneous resiliency across on premise and cloud platforms
  • Supports physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure
  • Exposes the risk that exists within your environment 
  • Express installation gets you up and running quickly  

Benefits of Veritas Resiliency Platform:

  •  Non-disruptive rehearsals expose the complexity slowing down your business
  •  Measure risk in real time to support business decisions
  •  Granular visibility across your entire estate, applications or individual virtual machines
  •  Automation that minimizes the business impact of people and processes

Invest in your business today by downloading a free 60-day trial of Veritas Resiliency Platform.

"Veritas Resiliency Platform was far more comprehensive and versatile than anything else we had evaluated."
Jose Newman, Disaster Recovery Architect, OnCor