Kyocera Document Solutions

Industry: Manufacturing
Headquarters: Osaka, Japan
Employees: 19,750


The company wanted to build a fully foolproof DR system to maintain its global supply chain but was also faced with the need to reduce cost on the facilities and maintaining the operational system.


The company deployed Veritas™ Resiliency Platform and built a DR site on AWS, with the help of Veritas Consulting Services and Veritas Business Partner Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation.

The outcome

After building its disaster recovery (DR) site in a hybrid cloud environment, the company created a foolproof DR system that anyone can handle. Not only that, it has also cut the DR site’s operational costs by about 60 percent.

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At a glance


60% lower DR operational costs, leading to a full ROI in a few months


Fewer configuration and maintenance errors through automated DR workflow


Business continuity can be assured, even when IT staff are unavailable in a disaster


Training can be done in-house using the zero-down-time "rehearsal function"

Products/Services used

Veritas Resiliency Platform

Business partner