The challenge

Fast-growing Hubei Unicom needed to streamline data protection of three petabytes and speed up potential recovery of a critical database.

The solution

The company worked with Veritas Consulting Services to design and deploy a custom-built Veritas NetBackup server networked with NetBackup appliances in each of its three data centers.

The outcome

4x faster recoveries of a key database, reduced exposure to potential losses, millions in savings from deduplication, and 100 percent payback the first time the database needs to be recovered.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

More data backed up in 72% less time (5 hours vs. 18 hours previously)

4x faster database recoveries

Estimated 3x faster deployment from Veritas Consulting Services (one month instead of three)

Projected 100% payback the first time a key database needs to be recovered