The challenge

As the IT team at GS E&C considered how to update its data protection systems, it wanted to wean itself off tape management, utilize newly accessible cloud services, and lay the foundations for better data access to support analytics.

The solution

A NetBackup™ Appliance at the company headquarters backs up all of their data. At the same time, NetBackup deduplicates, cleanses, and encrypts a subset of data bound for archival in the Azure cloud.

The outcome

The automated backup in disk-based storage is saving the IT team time and money. Also, the ability to securely store, recover, and retrieve data—either from the cloud or from the on-premises NetBackup server—has opened up new paths for data-driven processes within the company.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

Achieved multi-layered data protection with data recoverable both from the NetBackup Appliance and from Azure

Eliminated expensive and inefficient tape backup

Combined backup upgrade and preparation to deploy new analytics tools in the same cloud migration project

Improved operational efficiencies of the IT team

Products / services used