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A company that runs restaurants around the world suffered a ransomware attack that deleted all its on-premises backups. Fortunately, the company still had cloud-based instances of many backups. Management decided not to pay a ransom, but instead engaged a Veritas services team to assist with the recovery of its lost data.


Working closely with Veritas, the internal incident response team created a cloud recovery server to restore data back to the on-premises environment. They rebuilt the company’s entire backup infrastructure, including its containerized appliances, and brought back the available backups. The new infrastructure includes additional protections that the company’s legacy data protection environment did not offer.


The ransomware incident ended up being costly for the company, but much less expensive than it could have been. Through their rapid response, the internal security team helped minimize and mitigate the damage. And through their ongoing partnership with Veritas, they have helped reduce the risk that a future attack will impact the business at all.