Enterprise Vault™ Auditing

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Product(s): Enterprise Vault (12.3)

Auditing privileged delete operations

By assigning the role of Regulatory Reviewer to selected Discovery Accelerator client users, you can now permit them to delete items permanently from Enterprise Vault archives. The Privileged Delete permission that is associated with the role enables these users to mark items in the case review set for deletion from the archives. For more information about the Privileged Delete feature, see the Discovery Accelerator Administrator's Guide.

A compliance delete feature is also available for third party applications that use the Enterprise Vault API. The user under which the third-party application runs must be assigned to the Enterprise Vault Compliance Delete Application role.

Enterprise Vault auditing records additional information about compliance deletions made using Privileged Delete in Discovery Accelerator and compliance delete in third-party applications that use the Enterprise Vault API.

You can run SQL queries on the audit database to retrieve information about compliance deletion operations.