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Product(s): Enterprise Vault (12.3)

Where to get more information about Enterprise Vault

Table: Enterprise Vault documentation set lists the documentation that accompanies Enterprise Vault. This documentation is also available in PDF and HTML format in the Veritas Documentation Library.

Table: Enterprise Vault documentation set



Veritas Enterprise Vault Documentation Library

Includes all the following documents in Windows Help (.chm) format so that you can search across them all. It also includes links to the guides in Acrobat (.pdf) format.

You can access the library in several ways, including the following:

  • In Windows Explorer, browse to the Documentation\language\Administration Guides subfolder of the Enterprise Vault installation folder, and then open the EV_Help.chm file.

  • On the Help menu in the Administration Console, click Help on Enterprise Vault.

Introduction and Planning

Provides an overview of Enterprise Vault functionality.

Deployment Scanner

Describes how to check the required software and settings before you install Enterprise Vault.

Installing and Configuring

Provides detailed information on setting up Enterprise Vault.

Upgrade Instructions

Describes how to upgrade an existing Enterprise Vault installation to the latest version.

Setting up Domino Server Archiving

Describes how to archive items from Domino mail files and journal databases.

Setting up Exchange Server Archiving

Describes how to archive items from Microsoft Exchange user mailboxes, journal mailboxes, and public folders.

Setting up File System Archiving

Describes how to archive files that are held on network file servers.

Setting up IMAP

Describes how to configure IMAP client access to Exchange archives and Internet Mail archives.

Setting up SharePoint Server Archiving

Describes how to archive documents from Microsoft SharePoint servers.

Setting up Skype for Business Archiving

Describes how to archive Skype for Business sessions.

Setting up SMTP Archiving

Describes how to archive SMTP messages from other messaging servers.

Classification using the Microsoft File Classification Infrastructure

Describes how to use the classification engine that is built into recent Windows Server editions to classify all new and existing archived content.

Classification using the Veritas Information Classifier

Describes how to use the Veritas Information Classifier to evaluate all new and archived content against a comprehensive set of industry-standard classification policies. If you are new to classification with Enterprise Vault, we recommend that you use the Veritas Information Classifier rather than the older and less intuitive File Classification Infrastructure engine.

Administrator's Guide

Describes how to perform day-to-day administration procedures.

PowerShell Cmdlets

Describes how to perform various administrative tasks by running the Enterprise Vault PowerShell cmdlets.


Describes how to collect auditing information for events on Enterprise Vault servers.

Backup and Recovery

Describes how to implement an effective backup strategy to prevent data loss, and how to provide a means for recovery in the event of a system failure.


Describes how to implement Enterprise Vault Reporting, which provides reports on the status of Enterprise Vault servers, archives, and archived items. If you configure FSA Reporting, additional reports are available for file servers and their volumes.

NSF Migration

Describes how to import content from Domino and Notes NSF files into Enterprise Vault archives.

PST Migration

Describes how to migrate content from Outlook PST files into Enterprise Vault archives.


Describes Enterprise Vault tools and utilities.

Registry Values

A reference document that lists the registry values with which you can modify many aspects of Enterprise Vault behavior.

Help for Administration Console

The online Help for the Enterprise Vault Administration Console.

Help for Enterprise Vault Operations Manager

The online Help for Enterprise Vault Operations Manager.

For the latest information on supported devices and versions of software, see the Enterprise Vault Compatibility Charts.