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2017 Data Genomics Index

The 2017 Data Genomics Index offers a unique perspective into the composition of data that is growing both on-premises and in the cloud.

In our 2nd annual assessment of the overall state of data, we analyzed over 31 billion files to better understand the drivers of enterprise data growth and map out what the future holds from a data perspective. Ultimately, it’s clear that data proliferation shows no signs of slowing down and the fragmentation observed is accelerating dramatically. Read the report for in-depth analysis.

The 2017 GDPR Report: Chapter 3

In our third and final GDPR report for 2017, we look at how businesses are looking at building a culture of compliance to help with their GDPR readiness.

The report finds 71% plan to take bold steps to create a culture, where employees are rewarded for positive policy adherence and penalties for those who don’t.  Training the workforce to understand and support new initiatives, such as improving data hygiene, are critical components to help adapt to the new obligations posed by the GDPR.

The Truth in Cloud

A survey of 1,200 global business and IT decision makers, commissioned by Veritas and conducted by Vanson Bourne, reveals customers are embracing the multi-cloud as a key component of their business strategies.

With 56% of global organizations operating with a cloud-first mentality when it comes to deploying new applications and managing workloads, the research explores three key areas of focus: misconceptions of data management in the public cloud, rise in multi-cloud adoption and future cloud trends.

The 2017 GDPR Report: Chapter 2

The second chapter takes a deeper insight into the report findings and reveals that whilst 31% of organizations feel they are ready for the impending EU GDPR, only 2% of respondents actually appear to be complaint.

But where are they going wrong? From not having full visibility over identifying personal data loss (48%), finding it difficult to report a personal data breach within 72 hours (60%) and admitting former employees still have access to company data (50%), organizations need to take a more thorough approach to understanding what and where their sensitive and personal data is stored and how it is processed – especially when they use a Cloud Service Provider.

The 2017 GDPR Report: Chapter 1

This report highlights new findings from a survey of 900 global organizations regarding their overall GDPR-readiness and ability to navigate barriers encountered on the journey toward compliance. The survey results also reveal organizations’ greatest fears about non-compliance and where they need to invest to close the gap.

86% of global firms think non-compliance will have a major negative impact on their business, with nearly 20% concerned that failure to comply with GDPR will ultimately result in their organization going out of business. The results are clear that organizations are very concerned about the GDPR and are starting to invest significant results in becoming GDPR-ready.

Are you a data hoarder?

Continuing the efforts of the Data Genomics Project, Veritas recently conducted research into the storage behaviors of IT professionals worldwide.

Examining the data storage habits of over 10,000 global office professionals and IT decision makers, the study gives surprising insight into the composition of data environments and the user behavior that created them.

Among the findings:

  • Nearly three-quarters of respondents admitted they are hoarders of data and digital files.
  • Nearly half of respondents said they would rather work weekends for three months than delete their digital files.
  • Over 85 percent of respondents said they store data that could be potentially harmful to the organization.

State of Information Governance | 2016 Report

The State of Information Governance Report presents new research findings that illuminate the most effective information governance practices that are empowering organizations to extract as much value as possible out of their information, while simultaneously reducing related risks and costs.

Overall, the study reveals that 94% of organizations have invested in a formal information governance program, yet only 40% of organizations are classified as high performers. This report identifies which practices organizations should prioritize if they hope to get the most out of their information governance program.


The Databerg Report

Veritas recently commissioned one of the largest global independent research reports into data management, highlighting attitudes and behaviours within organisations that are fuelling the data explosion.

The report highlights that a 'store everything' hoarding culture is forming 'databergs': where masses of unstructured, irrelevant, unseen or unclassified data grow daily with no notion of slowing down. They conceal a threat 'below the waterline', adding significant levels of risk and cost to organisations.

This risk is rising.

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