Veritas Alta™ Data Protection Now Available on the Google Cloud Marketplace

Protection June 20, 2024

As cyber security continues to grow in importance, Veritas is collaborating with Google Cloud to support our customers cyber resilience strategies. With Google Cloud’s extensive cloud infrastructure and Veritas’ expertise in data protection customers benefit significantly from enhanced security measures, data backup, and recovery solutions. Veritas Alta™ Data Protection (ADP) is now available through Google Cloud Marketplace. Access our industry-leading cyber resiliency data protection solution and reap the financial benefits along with the peace of mind that comes with Veritas’ industry leading cyber resilience solution.

"The strategic collaboration with Google enables our customers to benefit from our scalable and secure data management services while maximizing their cloud spend through the Google Marketplace."-Brian Hamel, CRO Veritas Technologies.

Veritas Alta™ Data Protection

Data recovery can be complex and time-consuming. Veritas Alta™ Data Protection simplifies and automates the process of data protection, storage, and recovery. When it comes to recovery, single files can be easily found and restored at the click of a button. You can also automate complicated full system restores to ensure rapid and reliable recoveries, minimizing application and business downtime.

Veritas ADP uses AI-powered automation to provide complete data protection across any cloud environment at any scale. When it comes to the rise of cybercrime, not only in numbers, but also in sophistication and complexity, there are two major concerns for organizations.

  1. How to ensure we have complete protection and can recover quickly?
  2. How can this be accomplished in a cost-effective manner?


We can easily address these top concerns by scaling performance and data protection across all applications and environments while leveraging cloud intelligence to enhance cybersecurity and reduce costs. ADP reduces cloud computing costs significantly. Cloud snapshot storage costs are even reduced by as much as 90%. It is self-managed and designed to efficiently secure and protect mission critical data in the cloud, as well as on premise, at any scale.

Veritas Alta™ Data Protection on Google Cloud Marketplace

Data protection has always been a lifesaver for businesses. When we say Data Protection, we essentially mean simplifying and automating the process of making a granular copy of data. This process typically includes:

  • On-prem or Cloud-native (so it can be recovered either in bulk or as a single file)
  • Run with AI-based anomaly detection and Malware scanning (to make sure the data is clean from any type of Malwares)
  • Then moved to Immutable Google Cloud Storage (so no one can modify this data)

We provide options to use Standard, Nearline, Coldline or Archive storage class to fit any use-case or budget. We also make sure that this data is always available to recover an entire data center or a single file in case of a ransomware attack, natural disaster, or an accidental deletion. The resulting clean and immutable backup data in Google Cloud Storage serves as an insurance policy against data related incidents.

Recent developments in the AI world have changed everything forever. That's why organizations have started working on developing AI applications. Backup data in Google Cloud Storage can be used for training, fine tuning, and inferencing. This data can enhance foundational large language models like Google Cloud’s Gemini for contextual outputs. The large amounts of data Veritas protects as insurance against ransomware can also be used for fine-tuning LLMs or for retrieval augmented generation (RAG) systems.  

Cost Saving is the most frequent demand from IT teams. With ADP's reputation of reducing the size of the data up to 95%, users enjoy even more cost-savings on Google Cloud Storage. Customers benefit from reducing their cloud commits, while also reducing their carbon footprint.  Simplified procurement from Google Cloud Marketplace makes it an optimized end to end process.

The announcement of availability of Veritas ADP on Google Cloud Marketplace is exceptionally timely and warrants a discussion between Enterprises with joint Veritas and Google Cloud teams. ADP's API level integration with Google Cloud Storage is the first step for any organization to protect themselves from rampant Ransomware attacks as well as a tool that will help them save money and build a platform for their AI applications.

“Bringing Veritas ADP to Google Cloud Marketplace will help customers quickly deploy, manage, and grow the cyber resiliency data protection solution on Google Cloud’s trusted, global infrastructure”, said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Program at Google Cloud. “Veritas can now securely scale and support customers on their digital transformation journey.”

The Partnership

Veritas has been collaborating a few years with Google Cloud. Veritas solutions for Google Cloud, solve customer challenges across the storage use cases including backup, disaster recovery, ransomware protection, archiving, migration, and application resiliency. Veritas offers data protection solutions that can back up data stored on Google Cloud ensuring that you can recover critical information in case of accidental deletion or system failures. Our solutions can also help organizations optimize their storage costs on the Google Cloud by identifying and eliminating redundant or unnecessary data. We support seamless integration with Google Cloud, ensuring that enterprises can efficiently manage and secure their data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.  These solutions are designed to address the increasing challenges of data sprawl, cybersecurity threats, and compliance requirements, providing a comprehensive approach to data management and protection. 

Veritas collaboration with Google Cloud focuses on several key areas:

  • Enhanced Data Visibility and Governance: Veritas provides tools to ensure comprehensive visibility into data, both on-premises and in the cloud, enabling better information governance and policy enforcement.
  • Automate Data Mobility: Policy-based automation helps in creating snapshots and protecting application workloads within Google Cloud, thereby reducing potential bottlenecks, and enhancing data mobility.
  • Robust Data Protection: Veritas offers multi-layered data protection strategies, including anomaly detection, malware scanning, and disaster recovery solutions, which are crucial for maintaining cyber resilience in multi-cloud environments.
  • Cost Optimization: By optimizing storage strategies and leveraging AI insights, the alliance helps identify areas of waste and value, thus reducing overall storage costs.

Overall, Veritas partnership with Google Cloud aims to provide businesses with the tools and services they need to securely store, manage, and protect their data in the cloud. 

What’s Next?

As a Google customer, you can experience our data protection solution integrated with your cloud service provider. Do you want significant cost savings in your cloud expenditures at an easily accessible location? Check out Veritas Alta Data Protection on Google Cloud Marketplace today!

Heidi Sanzari
Sr. Director, Global Cloud Alliances
Jerome Noll
Global Leader Cloud Marketplace